Haylou T15 Review : TWS for rock music

Haylou T15 Review : TWS for rock music

The Haylou T15 Wireless Earbuds are manufactured by Xiaomi. As you recognize, Xiaomi cooperates with many brands and helps them in promoting products. At this point the corporate introduced wireless headphones called Haylou T15. the most difference of this model was its incredibly long battery life. the dimensions of every Haylou T15 earphone is 2.19 × 2.16 × 1.78 cm, weight – 3.7 g. they’re very compact, when worn they’re going to not attract an excessive amount of attention. The headset is out there exclusively in black. The charging case received an updated design and now features a rectangular shape. By the way, the case is waterproof, and therefore the headphones are shielded from liquids consistent with the IPX5 standard. The Haylou T15 price in Bangladesh is only 2840 BDT.

Haylou T15 Review : TWS for rock music
Haylou T15 Review: TWS for rock music

Features of Haylou T15:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC codec
  • PX5 waterproof (sweat and lightweight rain resistant)
  • 3,5 hours listening on a full charge
  • The charging case can charge earpieces fully 15 times
  • Comes with 3 sets of ear tips and a micro-USB cable

Battery Life:

The tiny case is provided with a 2200 mAh battery, which provides up to 60 hours of music playback or up to 100 hours of continuous conversation. it’s noteworthy that it can even be wont to charge a smartphone. Each earphone received a 43 mAh battery, a full charge will last up to 2.5 hours taking note of audio. Probably It takes 1.5 hours to charge the Haylou T15.

Connectivity And Controls:

The control scheme of the Haylou T15 is that the same as on the opposite models from the brand. Tap once to play and pause the music, tap the proper bud twice to advance a song, and therefore the left one twice to return a track. it isn’t possible to vary the quantity of the earpieces, unfortunately.

The connection of the Haylou T15 is usually good. The Bluetooth 5.0 signal holds reliability up to 10 meters, even with a wall up between. It does sometimes have pairing difficulties, however. It doesn’t always recognize your smartphone instantly (or the opposite way around). The remedy is to place the earpieces back within the case then take them out again or to carry their touch panels for 15 to twenty seconds in order that they reset manually. Happily, these issues appear rare. Once you’re connected, everything is ok.

Haylou T15 Review : TWS for rock music
Haylou T15 Review: TWS for rock music

Sound Quality Of Haylou T15:

It has a sweet bass thump and sub-bass rumble, striking a touch harder than the on the GT1 Plus, which sounds a touch smoother and maybe a touch dry as compared. It does take a touch of fiddling to urge the foremost out of the bass, however, thanks to the challenging fit of the Haylou T15. Simply hang the earpieces in your ears, and you’ll not even encounter bass in the least. These higher frequencies are extended well: vocals and higher-pitched instruments sound forward, prominent, and fairly detailed. They also seem more open than on the GT1 Plus, a mixture that works wonders for classical pieces and rock ‘n’ roll. The openness and upper-mids are great for guitars and shouty vocals – more attacking, assertive than the more balanced GT1 Plus. within the lows, with the proper fit, they’re supported well by bass-guitars also. In other genres, that demand both a more pumping bass – like the latest pop and dance genres – the Haylou T15 falls a touch short. Different layers start to fight one another in crowded tracks, and on the very best volumes, the T15 can sound a touch thin.


The Haylou T15 offers a good fit, good touch controls, sweet balanced-bassy sound, and an insanely portable charging case. It’s one of the best TWS earphones you can get for 2840 BDT

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The Haylou T15 price in Bangladesh is only 2840 BDT.

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