Lenovo LP1s Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Lenovo LP1s Review

Lenovo LP1s Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Sometimes we feel that modest headphones won’t convey astounding sound quality, and generally, we are correct.  Lenovo LP1s throw any prejudice over the window with ergonomic plan and first-rate innovation without undermining your pocket. The Lenovo LP1s price in Bangladesh is 1200 BDT

Lenovo LP1s 7 Lenovo LP1s Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

The huge limit battery and the expansion of the most recent Bluetooth 5.0 chip will further develop your streaming experience altogether, guaranteeing that you will not be left abandoned in your everyday assignments. As long as your iOS or Android gadget has a Bluetooth association, you’ll have the option to utilize your Lenovo LP1s to answer video calls, pay attention to web recordings, jump into a serious match with your companions, and considerably more.

Outline of Lenovo LP1s:

The item incorporates the earbuds in itself, the charging case, a cable charger, and some replaceable pads set if the default one doesn’t as expected fit in your ear. On the off chance that you didn’t have a clue, the Lenovo LP1s is the updated rendition of Lenovo’s LP1, where they chose to develop a few highlights like the Bluetooth chip and the clamor decrease innovation.

Lenovo LP1s 6 Lenovo LP1s Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

These headphones have consolidated the third era of the remote association, essentially further developing the genuine remote client experience by having quick matching and super low inactivity. Whenever you’ve matched the Lenovo LP1s to a gadget, you just need to remove them from their case, and they’ll be prepared to utilize. Each earbud weighs just 3.6 grams and gives truly necessary dependability to delayed development with materials intended to oppose harm from fluids like water and sweat. On the off chance that you are somebody who is yearning to have headphones with a similar plan level as the Air units Pro, yet in a more available reach, maybe these might interest you. 


The battery case include four LED lights show how much battery is left. Most producers appear to disregard any component that permits the client to know at a solitary look when they should plug their case, so we salute Lenovo on this detail.

Lenovo LP1s
Lenovo LP1s

Another significant component we don’t generally find in headphones of their value range, the Lenovo LP1s incorporates an inherent assurance chip that keeps the headphones from experiencing harm began cut off, temperature, chip PTC, and voltage change.

With a complete limit of 300mAh, you’ll just need around an hour and a half to completely charge the case and get 12 hours of music or talking time through a USB-C connector.

The low energy utilization and better soundness aren’t accomplished by the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 chip assumes a huge part in offering the two enhancements.

Lenovo LP1s
Lenovo LP1s


Joining the agreeable headphone plan and an affectability scope of 96dB, it’s astonishing how the Lenovo LP1s can rival different earphones with a little size.

The semi-open earbud fits effortlessly inside your ear channel. The silicone cushions work as a passive noise cancellation, fixing within for improving the sound experience coming from the 10mm twofold stomach horns.

Now and again, you may fail to remember that you’re in any event, utilizing headphones from how agreeable they feel, so there’s no compelling reason to stress over any irritated or irritating sensation while you’re working out or accepting a call through the without hands alternative in your phone

Each earbud has a battery limit of 40mAh that midpoints 4 hours of working time and has a greatest communicating distance of 10 meters without obstructions. Generally speaking, the LP1s have fresh sounds with clear highs, however shockingly, the quality dimples a piece when you get calls.

Contact Controls:

Makers and customers like to move towards contact controls because of their effortlessness and comfort. Every ear function as an essential headset, permitting you to utilize them independently or interconnected to have a high-loyalty sound insight. The LP1s are delicate to the client’s touch and can likewise initiate the voice aide if material with a long press. A solitary touch will either play/stop a tune or answer/hang up a call regardless of which side you contact. Be that as it may, to expand the volume, you need to tap the right headphone multiple times, and to stop it; you’ll need to do a similar activity in the left one. At the point when you’re playing music, a similar rationale applies to exchanging tunes: three addresses the right ear to move to the following melody and three on the left to return a track. As should be obvious, the controls are natural, and you get the hang of them right away.

Lenovo LP1s
Lenovo LP1s


The Lenovo LP1s can withstand substantial use, which implies that you can utilize them while practicing or going outside without stressing over downpour or sweat destroying them. The explanation for its sturdiness comes from their IPX4 accreditation, which implies that the producer tried the gadget by shooting it with water jets from all plots for 5 minutes. Any client should look out to guarantee that any item professing to be waterproof has an IPX affirmation, and Lenovo made a point to remember it for their Lenovo LP1s.

Lenovo LP1s Receiver Quality 

The earbuds have an implicit amplifier that consolidates commotion scratch-off innovation to make your voice sound uproarious and unmistakable during your calls, even in loud conditions. The receiver reasonableness runs between – 32 and 3dB, and it is a recognizable redesigned from the LP1. Regardless of whether you’re in a video-conference in a workplace or a play meeting with your companions through any online computer game, the headphones will have great gathering and have a recurrence reaction range somewhere in the range of 20 and 20,000Hz


At its retail cost, Lenovo’s LP1s is an appealing alternative for the individuals who aren’t searching for a costly headphone yet don’t have any desire to think twice about high loyalty sound. Their plan is suggestive of the Air cases Pro, and their highlights and long-term battery make it a helpful alternative for everyday use. Maybe its sound quality during calls may be a determent for certain clients, yet something else, Lenovo’s LP1s show up as a practical choice for the average consumer.

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The Lenovo LP1s price in Bangladesh is 1200 BDT.

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