Lenovo X18 Review

Lenovo X18 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Specifications

In this review, we’re going to give you a closer look at the Lenovo X18. Lenovo could be a superb manufacturer to seem into if earphones are your ideal choice as a transportable audio device. The Lenovo X18 model available in black and white, and showing a little and light-weight design that matches with ease inside your ear without causing discomfort.

If you’re a lively person who must move around all day or your routine requires you to remain ahead of the desk, it doesn’t matter! These earbuds could be the simplest match for anyone, especially since they include a Bluetooth 5.0 chip making them compatible with all devices with iOS or Android systems.

Lenovo X18 Specifications

  • Brand: Lenovo

  • Model: Lenovo X18

  • Bluetooth version: V5.0

  • Bluetooth distance: ≤20 meters

  • Microphone: -42db

  • Frequency: 20Hz-20kHz

  • Call duration: about 5-7 hours

  • Headphone battery: 3.7V 40mAh x 2

  • Box battery: 300 mAh

  • Charging time: ≤2 hours

  • Led light color: red and blue


Lenovo X18
Lenovo X18 Black.

The whole product includes the earphones themselves, a charging case, a connecting cable, replaceable silicone pads of various sizes, and therefore the user manual. Once you hold it in your hand, you’ll realize that they’re incredibly lightweight since they only weigh 4.9 grams each.

Their design is minimalistic, elegant, and cozy precisely so you almost forget that you’re using them, and at an equivalent time, you’re ready to exercise and do abrupt head movements without losing them because of its stable wear alongside the silicone pad that covers the horn and therefore the built-in microphone.

Battery life

Lenovo X18
Lenovo X18 White.

The Lenovo X18 wireless comes with a charging case that will hold 300 mAh directly and every earphone features a battery of 40 mAh.

The charging box can support 5 more recharges to finish 24 hours of listening time, and therefore the excellent news is that you simply only got to place the earphones inside the case for an hour to urge 4 hours of music or call time.


Lenovo X18 price in Bangladesh
Lenovo X18 price in Bangladesh

As we’ve briefly mentioned before, these earphones include built-in microphones on all sides for better audio quality in calls. The Lenovo X18 truly excels is in its sound quality, as we are getting to explain underneath.

Sound Quality

The Lenovo X18 is able to do its size because of the 6mm horn diameter underneath the silicone pad. The Lenovo X18 sound quality is outstanding with 360° to encompass all-encompassing sound achieved with a composite layer moving coil unit.

Lenovo X18 price in Bangladesh
Lenovo X18 price in Bangladesh

The piece manages to deliver profound bass, crisp mid-tones, and clear high-frequency, giving a pleasing original music experience to the listener. Although these earbuds don’t accompany active noise cancellation to completely isolate the sound beginning from their device, we desire the shortage of that feature was expected and doesn’t hinder the high-fidelity audio experience.

Lenovo always surprises with the standard of their headphone products since they’re ready to deliver amazing earphones without bumping the retail price, so just in case you’re on a budget the Lenovo X18 comes up as an honest wireless option.

Touch control

Following the market’s trend of getting far away from physical buttons and going all-in with touch controls, the Lenovo X18 couldn’t be an exception to the rule and is additionally controlled by gentle fingertip taps.

Lenovo X18 price in Bangladesh
Lenovo X18 price in Bangladesh

Each side has its own functionality. as an example, a double click on the left side will play the previous song in your playlist and therefore the right ear will attend the subsequent one.

Keep in mind that, since each earphone has its own antenna, chip, and microphone, they both work as primary headphones, allowing stable connections and low latency whenever you’re connected to your device.

That way, audio and image synchronization will stop being a drag when you’re playing mobile games and sound cues won’t be easily lost.

Also, once you undergo the pairing process you only got to take the earphones out of their charging case and that they are going to be able to use, no got to undergo the connecting process over and once again.

Lenovo X18 price in Bangladesh 2021

Lenovo X18 wireless Bluetooth headphones are available in the market in Bangladesh. It’s also a good affordable price in the market. The Lenovo X18 price in Bangladesh is BDT 1,850.


Lenovo has come up with a superb product that has an excellent performance within the sound quality and power consumption because of the top-tier Bluetooth 5.0 chip and battery, which supports fast charging if you’re in a hurry.

Although they don’t have the simplest microphone built in their earphones, they still manage to deliver a tremendous experience for the typical user and it’s a reasonable option. The Lenovo X18 size is additionally an honest thing to believe since they’re so small that they need to fit easily into your ear and stay comfortably there as long as you’re wearing them.

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The Lenovo X18 price in Bangladesh is BDT 1,850.

The box battery is 300 mAh and the headphone battery is 40 mAh.

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