Samsung has Announces Earnings Guidance for 2021

Samsung Electronics looking at record-breaking Q3 2021 earnings


Samsung Electronics today declared its profit direction for the second from last quarter of 2021.

  • Consolidated Sales: Approximately 73 trillion Korean won
  • Consolidated Operating Profit: Approximately 15.8 trillion Korean won


The above gauges depend on K-IFRS. Kindly note that Korean divulgence guidelines don’t permit income appraisals to be presented as a reach. To agree with such guidelines, the above figures address the middle of the gauge ranges gave underneath.

  • Sales: 72 ~ 74 trillion Korean won
  • Operating Profit: 15.7 ~ 15.9 trillion Korean won
Q3 2021 Guidance KRW / USD Q3 2020 Results KRW / USD Q2 2021 Results KRW / USD
Sales KRW 72 trillion – 74 trillion / $60.21 billion – $61.87 billion KRW 66.96 trillion / $55.97 billion KRW 63.67 trillion / $53.22 billion
Operating Profit KRW 15.7 trillion – KRW 15.9 trillion / $13.12 billion – $13.29 billion KRW 12.35 trillion / $10.32 billion KRW 12.57 trillion / $10.50 billion

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