Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Update News

In this article, I’m going to share some updated news of the Samsung galaxy s22 Ultra. So Samsung was the first phone company to use curved displays on their smartphones. They used it for years until recently they started selling their curved displays to other OEMs. Google is the latest phone company to use curved displays on their Pixel 6 Pro. Recently Samsung has been minimizing the curves on their flagship smartphones. You can say that the Galaxy S21 Ultra has a near-flat display because the curves are so minimal.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Update News

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Good News:

Now, people are wondering what Samsung will be going to do with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Is it going to have some curves or is it going to be minimal? Ice universe says It has been confirmed that the curvature of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is smaller than Note 20 Ultra, and may be similar to Note 10+. 

I saw a lot of people under his tweet who are actually thinking that this would mean the S22 Ultra is going to have smaller curves for a near flat look. The smaller the radius of curvature the bigger the radius is going to be, which means the display curves on the Galaxy S22 Ultra are going to be more prominent. Some people are going to like it and some will don’t like this. Personally, I loved the curved displays.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Update News

I have experience with both Samsung Note 10+ as well as the Samsung Note 20 Ultra, and I prefer the look of the Note 10+ for two different reasons. One is the curved display as it makes the handset looks more premium. And the other one is how wider it is compared to the Samsung Note 20 Ultra. I mean the Samsung Note 10+ has a 19:9 aspect ratio, while it is 20:9 on the Samsung Note 20 Ultra. Watching YouTube videos and playing games is a better experience on a wider display. Also, accidental touch activation is not a problem at all.

The one area where this could be a problem is the S Pen as drawing and taking notes on such curves is not a good experience, if you go near the edges of the curved display. Now, where does the  Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra fit in all of this? Well, according to Ice Universe again, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has an aspect ratio closer to the Samsung Note 10+ at 19.3:9. Hence it is wider than both the Samsung Note 20 Ultra as well as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra which also has a 20:9 aspect ratio. So a wider display and low curvature mean the S22 Ultra not only is going to look great but will also offer the best experience when viewing photos and watching videos. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Update News
With that said, Ice Universe tweets that Samsung is making improvements to the 108-megapixel camera mode on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. He is saying that the UI of the 108MP camera has been redesigned recently. There will be a new different option called an enhanced detail mode. Before you start wondering what actually this means, let me explain to you that although the S21 Ultra is theoretically capable of taking 108MP pictures, you have to activate the high-resolution mode for this option. Otherwise, the phone uses pixel binning to take 12MP pictures. 

When you will switch to the 108-megapixel option, the camera mode is rather basic and lacks more advanced features. Also in 108-megapixel mode, you won’t be able to swap between cameras, so you’ll have to turn it off if you want to utilize other cameras. Also, the 108-megapixel option is not available in Pro mode. So it looks like Samsung is going to address some of these kinds of limitations while also improving the details of the photos taken in the 108-megapixel mode.

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