Poco X3 NFC long-term review

Poco X3 NFC review


The Poco X3 NFC is called Poco X3 NFC even though it ought to most likely have been named Poco X3 120Hz. That is a significantly more significant element to list in a telephone’s name, particularly at this value point, than the presence of NFC – for a great many people, in any event.

Poco X3 NFC
Poco X3 NFC

Oh well, NFC got it done into the name, and this is the last time we’re referencing it. It’s there, it works; there’s no requirement for it to be appended to the cell phone’s name. None by any stretch of the imagination. All things considered, the Poco X3 does, indeed, additionally have a 120 Hz revive rate for its presentation, which is still unbelievably captivating in its value range, and not something frequently seen from its rivals.

Design, build quality, handling of Poco X3

The X3 has a plain language that we’ll simply call intriguing, for the absence of a superior word. The rear of the telephone is certainly not downplayed at all, with the enormous logo put onto it and the strangely molded camera island. This unquestionably isn’t a telephone for the individuals who are fanatics of plans on the calmer finish of the range. On the other hand, we’ve seen significantly stronger shouting backs from a portion of Poco’s rivals recently, matching large letters with shimmering colorways. Essentially with regards to colors, the X3 is a sensibly common contribution – you get your pick from Cobalt Blue and Shadow Gray – the last being the tone our survey unit is embellished

Poco X3 NFC
Poco X3 NFC

Poco X3 Camera

The Poco X3 accompanies a respectable camera framework at its cost point, one which for the most part doesn’t disillusion during the day, yet which battles around evening time, except if you use Night Mode on the fundamental sensor, in which case shots come out sufficient for a speedy web-based media share. It isn’t so much that we expected much else from the telephone thinking about how modest it is, yet we unquestionably weren’t wowed by its camera ability. In short – it has cameras, they’re good, and the ultrawide assists with outlining adaptability during the day.

Poco X3 Display quality, brightness

The presence of an LCD screen at this value point isn’t unexpected in any way, however, the X3’s board has a feature highlight that we’ve infrequently (if at any point) seen aberrant contenders: a 120 Hz revive rate. We’ll return to that in a piece.

Poco X3 NFC
Poco X3 NFC

To start with, we should discuss screen quality. This one isn’t comparable to the board inside the Mi 10T Pro, which was among the best LCDs we’ve at any point found in the Android world. That is justifiable if you consider the value delta between these two telephones, however. Also, indecency, the X3’s presentation isn’t terrible in any way. It’s totally respectable for everyday use, as long as you don’t expect OLED-like unadulterated blacks and don’t care about some backdrop illumination drain – both of these somewhat commonplace parts of an LCD board.

Performance, smoothness of Poco X3

While the Snapdragon 732G chipset fueling the Poco X3 doesn’t appear to be totally different, on paper, contrasted with the Snapdragon 720G inside the Redmi Note 9 Pro we long haul looked into last year, in genuine everyday use there’s a substantially more articulated distinction in feel. We aren’t sure whether the SoC is the solitary contributing variable, or on the other hand in case there are some extra programming enhancements affecting everything as well, yet the  X3 has been the quickest and smoothest cell phone that we’ve at any point utilized in this value class.

Poco X3 NFC
Poco X3 NFC

Software version and updates

  • The Poco X3 runs MIUI 12 with Android 10


The Poco X3 is the best mid-range gadget at its cost, notwithstanding clearly not being great. That is our opinion after having invested a great deal of energy with it as our solitary cell phone, however regardless of whether we utilized it for an all-inclusive period, you shouldn’t really accept our statement as gospel. That is because what we esteem in a telephone and what you esteem in a telephone may end up being various things, nonetheless marginally. And surprisingly minor contrasts there could make for an encounter that feels altogether different to you than it did to us.

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The Price of Poco X3 is 27,999 BDT in Bangladesh.

Xiaomi Used Android 10, MIUI 12 on Poco X3.

Xiaomi Used Qualcomm SM7150-AC Snapdragon 732G (8 nm) In Poco X3

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