Haylou GT1 Review

The Haylou GT1 Mini TWS is a side project of QCY, that delivered the incredible sounding QS1. It raises hope for the Haylou GT1 – and it doesn’t disappoint. Especially if you wish a touch more bass. The Haylou GT1 price in Bangladesh is only 1290 BDT.

Haylou GT1
Haylou GT1


The Haylou GT1 is perhaps the foremost portable set of Truly Wireless Earphones (TWS) released up to the present date, June 2019. it’s A battery charging case that’s barely bigger than the 2 earpieces next to every other. Portability was never a problem with this category of earphones, but Haylou takes it to a subsequent level. Just drop your case in whichever pocket you wish – you will always have room for it.

Like the case, the earpieces themselves are compact also. They’re well-rounded and cozy in medium and also smaller-sized ears. The fit, of course, depends on the dimensions of the three pre-delivered ear tips you select. If you are feeling the bass well, you’ll know you will have the proper pair. The earpieces set about 3 hours on one battery charge – comparable to all competitors during this price range.

Because the buttons on the GT1 are touch capacitive, pressing them won’t push the earpieces deeper into your ear. The GT1 is compact and cozy


The earpieces of the Haylou GT1 connect and pair automatically once you put them out of the case and disconnect once you put them back in. They control pretty well with their touch capacitive buttons too. Unlike for instance the primary generation Xiaomi AirDots, it’s hard to accidentally press them, due to their center placement and slightly got to press them.

Pressing once pauses the music or takes a call, pressing twice skips a song. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to vary the quantity of the earpieces, a thing it’s in common with most of the TWS earphones during this price class.

The connection on the Haylou GT1 is sweet. It holds a connection for around 10 meters, and therefore the Bluetooth 5.0 connection still fares well when on the move or moving.


In comparison with the class-leading QCY QS1 and QS2, the bass is unquestionably something to be felt on the Haylou GT1. There are many it, especially within the mid-bass segment delivering a pleasant slam when the music demands it. It offers less sub-bass, yet it still manages to rumble once in a while. The bass is pleasantly present here – it’s wiped out the proper way.

Middle and better frequencies are well represented, with male and feminine vocals sounding clear, albeit they are not very upfront sounding. Instruments like guitars and violins to aren’t pushed really forward, but they’re nowhere near repressed either.

The Haylou doesn’t offer the incredible amount of detail or placement of the QCY QS1 or the brightness of its vocals and instruments, but it’s definitely a sweet, allround sound overall with even some spaciousness thereto. Happily, its volume goes tons louder on Android than the QCY’s too.

Haylou GT1
Haylou GT1


The Haylou GT1 offers a good fit, good touch controls, sweet balanced-bassy sound, and an insanely portable charging case. It’s one of the best TWS earphones you can get for 1290 BDT

For buying you can simply get it from here Haylou GT1

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