Apple registers another patent related to the possibility that the Apple Watch has a camera

Since 2019, the Apple giant has revealed its interest in equipping its famous Apple Watch with a camera, thanks to some patents that have been registered.

And now the company has registered a new patent, which again talks about the possibility of including a camera in its Apple Watch. The patent (US-11571048-B1) describes a strap release mechanism that could allow the use of an integrated camera in the device.

Apple Watch has a camera

This would be the third patent related to the camera in an Apple Watch that we have seen in recent years. In addition, the patent reveals that the strap release mechanism includes two segments and a “nest” part that will allow us a quick and ergonomic way to remove the watch from the strap.

As we mentioned earlier, Apple has already filed patents related to the Apple Watch camera, including one for a watch with a camera and one for a rotating camera attached to the end of a strap.

Apple Watch has a camera

Without a doubt, it would be a very interesting idea to have a camera on the Apple Watch today, especially when we go out for a walk or on vacation and thus save ourselves from taking photos with the smartphone.

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