Xiaomi Mi Max review

In this review, we’re going to give you a closer look at the Xiaomi mi max. Xiaomi has taken the expression go big or go home quite literally with a six-point four four-inch Xiaomi mi max. But how well does the mi max perform day-to-day is an affordable mid-range smartphone. 


Xiaomi Mi Max

The phone’s aluminum construction gives it a premium look and feels some design aspects make. The device is easier to use like the side tapers on the rear and the perfectly positioned power button and fingerprint reader the top and bottom plastic caps which presumably. The phone’s antennas are fairly continuous with the rest of the design in both colors and feel. They do seem to be the culprit of some creaking noises while holding the phone. However and may be a major cause of the phone’s weak structure. It bends with just a bit of pressure which is disconcerting, to say the least. The mi max is poor build quality shocked us as Xiaomi has generally done. The mi max has three illuminated capacitive keys sit on a very slightly curved 2.5 D glass and follow Xiaomi’s standard layout. The display’s side bezels are notably small although we do wish that Xiaomi would reconsider the use of a black border around the display.


 The Xiaomi mi max’s standout feature is definitely its large display and at 6.44 inches. This phone is undeniably huge the size definitely requires a few changes in how you use your smartphone but in exchange for a superior media consumption experience well. It would have been nice to see quad HD here instead of 1080p. The display on the Mac still looks great with good viewing angles and accurate color reproduction sunlight readability is a tad below average. The sunlight mode decreases the display’s contrast significantly on a positive note. The glass is coated in Corning Gorilla Glass 4 which we don’t see very often at this price point.


The case with other Qualcomm snapdragon 650 two devices. The mi Max’s day-to-day performance seemed comparable to phones with higher-end chips like this now Dragon 808. Xiaomi is custom software me–why runs very smoothly on the mi max.  The base model 3 gigabytes of RAM is generally enough for multitasking. There are different models available as well although. We do not imagine the real-world performance differences to be significant.


The mi max you can expect 4G LTE speeds and great call quality but it will be limited to receiving HSPA+ speeds. It is unlocked and dual SIM. The phone storage up to an additional 256 gigabytes with one of the SIM card slots. The fingerprint reader on the back. The mi max with the return of micro USB. The decision to not use USB type-c is a bit puzzling at this point. The older standard and do not want to purchase brand new cables the mi Max’s single speaker can be found just to the right of the charging port. It sounds pretty good only slightly distorted at higher volumes. It would have been nice to see front-facing speakers as they generally offer a more immersive media consumption experience but side firing is still better than rear-firing with that aside. The B max did very well on our battery life testing thanks to its very large 48-50 million power battery although the screen on time very quite a bit depending on. The phone was primarily connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data even the heaviest users should have no trouble getting the mi max to last a full day. It also supports quick charge 3.0 although it does not ship with a quick charge 3.0 charger. so you’ll need to purchase one yourself if you want to avoid several hour-long charges.


Xiaomi Mi Max

The 16 megapixel F 2.0 rear camera with dual-LED flash proved to be a very capable package in our test. It’s one of the best we’ve seen at this price point. Its color reproduction is visually pleasing without being too. However, as we found the phone’s autofocus to be too slow and finicky for a considerable number of situations even when holding. The device and subject still the Xiaomi mi max would slightly miss focus more than we would normally expect. It also tended to over sharpen images to the point of recognition in certain images low-light performance was about average for the price meaning that you won’t be able to reliably count on. The mi max for a good image in darker environments. We’ve covered the video eyes camera app quite extensively at this point. But I will mention that it’s pretty easy to use while also offering manual control for those who wish to take advantage of it.


Xiaomi mi max is also the well-covered custom version of Android UI 7 thankful. It is shipping with Android 6.0 marshmallow and users can look forward to many UI and functional improvements with the mi UI 8 update. Which should be released within the coming weeks and actually automatically found. I think it’s a great alternative to stock Android, especially for users who wish to customize and tweak the stack hats, are well designed the UI is remarkably responsive. The ability to do things like restricting data for specific apps is invaluable to top it off new UI receives weekly updates. 

Price of Xiaomi mi max

The current price in Bangladesh of Xiaomi Mi Max is BDT 14,990. It’s different the model is available in either silver gold or dark grey while the mi max may not be the best fit for the average smartphone user. it’s a great option for those looking for a very large device on the cheap well.

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