T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted about Google Pixel

Google Pixel

T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted a photo of Google Pixel

Just a couple of days ago T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted a photo of Google Pixel with the caption “it works great on our network” actually it’s a hint. Most recently, the clue doesn’t actually reveal a lot, just that John Legere satisfied using the Google Pixel. Is he saying Pixel will come to T-Mobile?

That is not likely, all things considered, the Pixel is to stay exclusive to Verizon among the US transporters to convey and sell it in stores. Well, what else could Legere plan with the Google Pixel? Most likely many of their clients have been itching to get the Pixel, including the individuals who needed to return their Galaxy Note7’s twice.

Google Pixel phone
Google Pixel

T-Mobile likes to pull a few tricks that are truly out there, and that truly help the client, while additionally persuading more individuals to change to the Un-transporter. I’m truly trusting that T-Mobile will begin a program to back a non-network smartphone on your own helpline as opposed to getting it by and large.

Google Pixel
Google Pixel

This would work everything out such that it is a lot simpler for T-Mobile clients to purchase the Pixel and eliminate a major pain. Seeing as most US remote clients would not be happy about spending a lot of money to buy a phone, it would work for T-Mobile if it would be one way or another sort out some way to make it simpler for clients to get the smartphone they need.

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