Sony Xperia Pro I First Impression

Sony Xperia Pro I Review

In this article today I will give you information about the brand new Sony Xperia Pro I. Xperia pro I is sony’s newest flagship smartphone. It’s the second phone in their pro lineup. It’s a mainstream smartphone that is catering to photography buffs and Sony is expecting that they’ll use it as a daily driver. It’s based on the Xperia One Mark iii. But aside from the standout design and the premium hardware, the most notable thing about it is probably its camera sensor. it’s one of the biggest ones that we’ve seen in a smartphone.


Sony Xperia Pro I First Impression

Design and Build:

The Xperia Pro I has a subtle frosted back protected by gorilla glass. There is a noticeable change in design. First, you have the impressive lens of the main camera which is significantly larger than its siblings. Then there is the unique design of the frame, everything else is premium too. 

There is a shutter key like on previous Xperia phones. But this one has been redesigned and it has a nicer tactile response. so we found ourselves using it a lot more than the virtual shutter button. There’s gorilla glass that fits on the front with ip68 protection and it feels solid in the hand. The new Sony Xperia Pro I weighs 211 grams. On the front, the 6.5 inch OLED has the classic Xperia 21×9 form factor, a 4k resolution, and a 12ohz refresh rate.

Camera Pro App:

So far everything on this phone seems that it is centered around a photography and videography experience. So the camera setup is actually like You will have three 12 megapixel cameras which are ultrawide, a telephoto with two-time zoom, and the main camera with a one-inch type sensor face detection autofocus and a dual aperture. Which easily makes it one of the most unique camera sensors used in a smartphone. The sensor is the same 20-megapixel one-inch imager that you’ll find in the latest Sony rx100. But instead of using the entire thing, Sony’s only using the megapixels in the center. so while technically it is a one-inch type sensor, its results are equivalent to a smaller one albeit one with large pixels.

sony xperia pro i camera 1635228894620 Sony Xperia Pro I First Impression

The Sony Xperia Pro I has a dual f 2.0 and f 4.0 aperture which is rare in the smartphone world. with a smaller aperture, you’ll have more depth in the background and sharper surroundings. While the larger f 2.0 aperture will give you a softer defocused background. Unfortunately, the variable aperture does not work automatically as it did on Samsung phones in the past. instead, you are in direct control of which aperture is used for each shot. Sony Xperia Pro I has included two videography apps and a photography pro app. While at first, that sounds excessive it may potentially give videographers and photographers a lot more control than on many other smartphones.

Battery Software and Processor:

The Sony Xperia Pro I has a powerful 4500 mAh battery. Its 30-watt charger can get it up to 50 percent in half an hour, which is all right. Unfortunately, there is no wireless charging on this one. 

The Sony Xperia pro I smartphone will support Android 11 with Xperia UI. Xperia’s have a rather clean android setup and here you’ll see the biggest sony touches with their camera apps. The chipset is Qualcomm snapdragon 888. The smartphone will come with 12 GB of ram and 512 GB of storage. There is also a card slot if you need extra storage. 

Sony Xperia Pro I First Impression


Most flagship smartphones focus a lot on their camera experience but didn’t get any offers like so much flexibility and so many options when it comes to photography and videography. Our first impressions of Sony Xperia Pro I was great and without pixel peeping, we really like the quality of the photos. The battery capacity is also good enough. You can go for that if you are a photography lover.

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