Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G Review

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G Review

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G may be a quantum jump better than the first Fold. And it must be for the high price. The front display may be a lot bigger, 5G is standard, and therefore the unsightly notch on the within is gone. Plus, this foldable is more durable than the primary Fold.
Samsung has further innovated to form these phone-tablet hybrid tons more versatile, because of a replacement Flex Mode. Plus, multitasking is best for running up to 3 apps at an equivalent time, and a number of other apps have a dual-pane view for enhanced productivity.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G


In the hopes of creating the second generation of Samsung’s foldable phone a more convincing device, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 has made a couple of major improvements to what came before it.
Firstly, Samsung has refreshed the planning, it’s gotten slimmer with bigger screens. On the duvet, the folded screen is now 6.2inches up from 4.6inches. While what wont to be a 7.3inch phablet display, is now 7.6inches – a welcome change supplying you with more display land to figure with. Other big changes include a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, a replacement camera system including two 10MP front cameras, an updated processor, and an improved hinge. One step down on its predecessor is that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G has halved the storage from 512GB to 256GB, yet there’s still no MicroSD slot.


The camera system on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is comprised of three 12MP cameras and two 10MP front-facing cameras – so you’ll snap a selfie or video call a lover with the phone folded or unfolded.
First, let’s mention the rear cameras. Boosting colors within the scene is what this phone camera does best, regardless of the lighting conditions, shots did begin looking bright and vibrant. Upon the brink of subjects, it managed to select up finer details while the night mode did an honest enough job at lightening the scene. there have been a couple of downsides though, this was by no means the simplest camera you’ll get on a smartphone. It sometimes struggled with contrast between light and dark areas, shots also lacked some detail sometimes, especially within the ultrawide mode. it’s 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom, which meant if you simply needed to concentrate slightly shots came out wealthy but at 10x zoom, they looked grainy.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

The front cameras actually do a really decent job, producing sharp, flattering selfies especially with the sweetness mode set to your own preferences. One problem I found wasn’t within the shots produced by the cameras, it had been actually taking them in the first place. due to how heavy the phone is, it had been hard to carry it up within the right position to require a selfie, whether it’s folded or not.
Samsung’s folding phones offer you a couple of extra camera features that you simply wouldn’t get elsewhere. Using the camera app on the most screen, with the phone half folded, you’ll see your previous shots on the rock bottom half, and therefore the camera preview on the highest half. you’ll compare and improve your shots, supplying you with a way better chance of capturing the simplest snaps possible. There’s also Dual Preview which shows the camera’s view on both screens simultaneously, so both the topic and photographer can see the image preview directly. Perfect for creating sure your pose is simply right.

Performance and Battery Life:

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5Gcurrent price in Bangladesh is BDT 199,999.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset

Samsung claims the 4,500mAh battery will last up to 18 hours of video playback. I put this to the test by running a video stored on the phone for 2 hours on full brightness, the battery dropped by 18% suggesting it might last around 11 hours in total. That’s a reasonably average score and definitely below par at this price. When it came to charging it copy again, over the space of an hour it reached 67% so would take about an hour and a half to completely recharge from empty, not the simplest you’ll get yet still quite respectable.

The camera system on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is comprised of three 12MP cameras and two 10MP front-facing cameras – so you’ll snap a selfie or video call a lover with the phone folded or unfolded.

12GB RAM and 256/512 GB storage

Our review score

Camera - 70%
Processor - 90%
Design - 80%
Battery - 90%



The phone is quite amazing compare to its specification. But the price is quite high. You can find other brands that do come up with this type of specs at a medium price.

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