Personal Safety app now on Pixel owners

Personal Safety app now on Pixel phones it will record automatically a video during an emergency


Google’s Pixel phones often get exclusive features that difference them from the rest of the Android crowd and the Personal Safety app is one of those. With the ultimate 2021.08.27 update, the app can now record videos in a special zero hour mode which is activated by pressing the power button five successive times.

The Emergency SOS feature is capable to record videos up to 45 minutes in length delivered you have the available space on your phone. According to XDA Developers, videos set at 720p resolution eat up 10 MB per minute of recording thanks to Google ’s compression.

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If your phone has access to an internet connection these videotape will automatically be backed up to your Google Account. You can also option to have these Emergency SOS tape recordings sent to a list of emergency connections of your picking. The app can also call your country’s emergency services, play an alarm sound if you so choose and share your point and other info with your emergency connections.


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