New OnePlus Buds Z2 images leak specs confirmed

OnePlus’ next financial plan TWS earbuds, the OnePlus Buds Z2 started in a few holes, and today we get a third one. It doesn’t uncover an excess of we didn’t as of now have the foggiest idea, yet rather fills in as an affirmation that the past two were in good shape.

The most outstanding redesign of the Buds Z2 will be the 3 receivers utilized for dynamic commotion decrease and a further developed plan that handles twist better. The earphones are secured against water and sweat having IP55 confirmation while the charging box gets IPX4.

The buds will uphold Bluetooth 5.2 however no high level sound streaming codecs so they will depend on essential AAC and SBC. The sound is delivered by 11mm drivers.

Each bud sports 40mAh battery while the case conveys another 520 mAh cell. The charging season of the crate from 0 to 100% is an hour and a half and the absolute play time goes up to 27h with the clamor dropping turned on or 38h without it. Without the case, the buds get a decent 5h play time with ANC on and 7h with ANC turned off. That is a critical knock over last year’s Buds Z that covered at 5 hours.

The actual case charges over USB-C, obviously, however doesn’t uphold remote charging. Each bud weighs simply 4.6g while the crate goes up to 42g contingent upon the shading, which is either Night Black or Day White.

OnePlus Buds Z2

OnePlus Buds Z2 Weight

White Black
Oneplus Buds Z2 4.6g 4.5g
Charging Box 42g 40.5g
Overall Product Weight 51.2g 49.5g

OnePlus Buds Z2 Size

OnePlus Buds Z2

The Oneplus Buds Z2 Headphone dimension would be 33mm * 2244mm * 21.8 mm and the Charging box will come with the size of 73.15mm * 36.80mm * 29.07mm.

OnePlus Buds Z2 TWS Specification And Features

OnePlus Buds Z2

OnePlus Buds Z2 will have an IP55 waterproof and IPX4 sweatproof charging box. It will have a Type-C charging case, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity with 10 meters operational range. However, there will be no wireless charging support.

In addition, the TWS is expected to have three microphones and an active noise reduction feature.

Bluetooth BT 5.2 (Not BLE Audio)
Bluetooth Effective Distance 10m
Bluetooth Codec AAC/SBC
Sound Unit 11mm moving coil unit
Call Noise Reduction 3 microphone DNN noise reduction algorithm + physical anti-wind noise design
Waterproof Level Headphone body IPSS waterproof and sweatproof ;
charging box: IPX4

Buds Z2 Charging

Charging Port Headphone: Pogo Pin, Charging Case: Type-C
Headphone Input 5V = 0.15 A
Charging Box Input 5V = 0.9 A
Charging Box Onput 5V = 0.3 A
Wireless Charging Not Supported
Rated capacity of
charging box
Battery Headphone
battery rated
40mAh capacity
Time required to fully charge 0% to 100% in 90 minutes
Maximum Playback Time Full Charged Headset: up to 5h (music playback, noise reduction on), 7h (music playback, Noise reduction off)
Fully charged headset: 3 h (talk time)
Full battery life: up to 27h (music playback, Noise reduction on); 38h (music playback, noise
reduction off)

The Oneplus Buds Z2 will last up to seven hours on a full charge. It offers a playback time of up to 38 hours with the charging case. It’ll get fully charged in 90 minutes.

OnePlus Buds Z2 Other Detailed Specs

Control Method Press once: play/pause
Press twice: next track
Press three times: Press and hold the previous track for 1 second to switch the noise control mode, and press and hold for 3 seconds to return to the
last connected device.
In the phone scenario: Double-click the default to be “answer/end call”, long press for 3s to reject the call.
Wear testing, Whether to support OTA upgrade, Transparent Mode Support
Pairing Popup Support (China: OAF, overseas: google fast pair)
ANC active noise reduction Support (Hybrid ANC active noise reduction)
Noise Reduction Depth 40dB
Voice Assistant Support, support double-click to wake up the voice assistant
Number of Microphones 3
a 98 dB (Type 4128); 102dB (india version)
rated power 5mW
Status Indicator Red Light: low battery; white light: pairing; green light: sufficient battery
Microphone Sensitivity – 38dB (+-2dB)

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