Jira Software Review 2022

Jira Software

With the web-based Jira software, teams can work together more effectively. Jira software is just as useful for better project management as it is for documenting work steps or optimal service management.

What is the Jira software?

Jira is a web application that has become the market standard in the areas of project management, task management, and bug management over time. Jira is an excellent tool, especially for software development, which can make work steps and collaboration in small or larger teams much easier. The software system was developed by the Australian company Atlassian and has been on the market since 2002. The unusual name is derived from the Japanese name for the movie monster “Godzilla”. That name—”Gojira”—colloquially becomes “Jira.”

What can Jira do?

Jira has different areas of responsibility and can therefore be used flexibly. The web tool is used particularly frequently in the area of ​​software development, although use in non-technical areas can also be helpful. Jira acts as an overview and planning center at the same time and thus helps to optimize the workflow within a team. The software is aimed at administrators and users alike. Tasks are distributed here, intermediate statuses are shared and possible sources of error are quickly identified and rectified. For this purpose, tickets for individual tasks are created, assigned, and then processed.

Jira software
Jira software

Jira software is particularly suitable for the project management methods Scrum and Kanban. Small, medium, and even very extensive projects can be implemented more effectively with the software. A detailed reporting function also ensures, firstly, the necessary documentation of a project and, secondly, enables new employees to quickly and easily join an existing team. In addition to the core product, numerous plugins and other software solutions from Atlassian are available for Jira, which can be integrated quickly and easily in order to individually adapt and thus optimize the workflow for one or more jobs.

How does Jira work?

Jira is web-based and therefore works independently of the respective operating system. The administrator or – depending on the authorization – other employees create tickets for different tasks. Each ticket has a status, so it is clear which tasks have already been completed and which are still pending. Changes made to a ticket are documented so that work steps can also be reconstructed afterward. Exactly how Jira is used depends on the team and their needs. The software is very flexible and can be optimized for different working methods.

What is the advantage of Jira?

So, working with Jira can bring a lot of benefits. If the software is used sensibly, this leads to a more effective work environment. Resources are distributed in the best possible way, thus preventing idling. At the same time, project managers and employees can recognize early on when additional manpower is required for a task. Time-consuming meetings need to be held less frequently. Not just one person keeps an overview, but basically every team member. Other benefits that come with Jira include:

  • Schedules can be better created, supplemented and, if necessary, changed without important work steps being forgotten.
  • Using the software saves a lot of time in many areas.
  • Teams that work together across national borders and time zones work better. Since the tasks are clearly distributed and deadlines and progress are clearly shared, individual employees can also work on projects without direct contact.
  • Tasks can be sorted by their priority.
  • Reports, statistics, and progress square measures are displayed in the time period. In this way, everyone involved is always up to date.
  • A good and constant data backup helps to react faster to errors and problems.
  • Questions are answered quickly, clearly, and directly in the ticket for the respective task.
  • Jira is responsive, which means it can be used anywhere and on different devices.

Jira Software Competitors

Bugzilla, Citrix Podio, Zoho Projects,, ClickUp, Shortcut, Axosoft, GitHub, TeamGantt, Asana.

Jira Pricing

Jira Software offers flexible pricing. Small teams $0 per user/month for up to 10 users Growing teams: $7 per user/month for 11 to 10,000 users.

Starting price: $7.00 per month, free trial available.

Pros and Cons of Jira Software:
  • Roadmaps
  • Integrations
  • Scrum Boards.
  • Can be complicated to use
  • Some plugins and integrations do not work well
  • Lack of version control.


Although there are different alternatives to Jira, the Jira software is very popular. Their reliability, clarity, and flexibility make them a useful addition for different companies and work areas. Jira software simplifies teamwork, resulting in a better workflow.

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