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How to Remove Photo Background in iOS 16

If you’re an iPhone user who has updated to iOS 16, you’ve probably noticed a strange animation every time you tap a photo. It is an animation in which the entire photo flashes and emphasizes lines around the object. Apple calls this feature “separating the subject and the background.” As the name suggests, it’s a pretty clever feature that identifies the subject in the photo and separates it from the background.

How to Remove Photo Background in iOS 16

To use this so-called ‘nuki’ feature, simply press and hold on to a person, animal, or other objects in the photo. Then, an animation will appear and a window will appear asking you to choose copy or share. When you press Copy, you can see the photo where the original background disappears and only the subject with a white background remains, and you can paste the copied photo from almost any app where you can insert an image, such as social media, documents, or notes.

How to Remove Photo Background in iOS 16

If you use Share, you can quickly post a photo of a subject isolated from the background, such as on Twitter, or send it to a recent contact. You can also quickly insert them as email attachments or easily share files via airdrop. When saving a photo with a separate subject in the Photos app, press the share button and select ‘Save Image’.

The ability to isolate a subject from the background is certainly useful but has limitations. Apple says you can use this feature for photos not taken with the iPhone’s camera, but it doesn’t always work perfectly. In particular, if there is a huge grass near the subject or there is an object of a similar color, the recognition rate is slightly lowered. Nevertheless, the basic recognition rate seems to be somewhat superior when you look at easily recognizing a snail-like subject as in the following image.

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