How To Get Rid Of iOS 16 Search Button From Home Screen

iOS 16 brings useful new features such as lock screen customization and iMessage editing, but not all features satisfy users. A typical example is the search button that appears on the home screen. Unlike previous versions, the search button is still visible on the home screen in iOS 16, but if you don’t search often, you’ll want to get rid of it.

How To Get Rid Of iOS 16 Search Button From Home Screen

Fortunately, the search button can be easily removed. Go to the Home screen in the Settings app. Under the third item, Search, you’ll see ‘View on Home Screen’ enabled. If the toggle button is enabled, the toggle button is green, and the disabled is gray. If you disable the toggle button, the search button disappears from the home screen.

How To Get Rid Of iOS 16 Search Button From Home Screen

If you return to the home screen with this set state, you can see that the place where the search button was located has changed to a method with several dots. It disappeared from the home screen, but a swipe down on the screen brings up the search bar again, making it easy to find apps, files, and more.

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