Haylou T19 Review

Haylou T19 Review

The Haylou T19 feels simple and classy. The all-white body is decorated with a circle of rose gold decoration, which makes the visual effect less monotonous and features a high degree of recognition. additionally, the headphone rod part adopts a 45° inclined in-ear design, which may better fit our auricle, in order that the wearing method is often stable and tough to fall. The body is additionally very compact, although it’s in-ear, the load of one headset is that the only 4g, so it’ll not feel tired after wearing it for at some point. At an equivalent time, it’s also equipped with 3 pairs of ear caps, which are extremely suitable for my ears. The Haylou T19 price in Bangladesh is only 2678 BDT.

 Haylou T19 Review
Haylou T19 Review

Specs of the Haylou T19:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with AptX and AAC codec

  • IPX4 waterproof (light rain and sweat resistant)

  • 5 hours listening on a full charge

  • The charging case can charge earpieces fully 4 times

  • Comes with 3 sets of ear tips and a USB-C cable

Connectivity And Controls:

The Haylou T19 features a neat trick. it’s sensors that detect whether the earbuds are in your ears. once you take one out, it automatically pauses the music – and therefore the T19 resumes playing once you put it back in
Unfortunately, this comes with a flaw that will be hugely annoying: before it’s a sensor, there’s not a pause/play button. Imagine having your hands full, and you want to pause the music. prepare to fumble one earpiece in your hands. Because this play/ pause control operation misses, you cannot resume taking note of one earpiece if you’re charging the opposite one, without touching controls on your phone.

The basis of the connectivity is great on the Haylou, happily. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection holds strong up to 10 meters, even with thin walls in between, and also when you’re walking or cycling with them.

 Haylou T19 Review
Haylou T19 Review

Battery Life:

The Haylou T19 Wireless Earbuds delivers 30 hours of battery life with a charging dock, the charging case supports USB-C charging also as wireless charging. The set comes with a charging box for storage and it also supports wireless charging. it’s decent in all-Xiaomi-matte-white. A bright glowing LED light indicates the case charges the earbuds within the front, and underneath you will find the USB-C port to recharge the 600 mAh case. The Haylou T19 can restore power via wireless charging. The Haylou T19 case needs new power after four full recharges of the earpieces.

Features of Haylou T19:

The high-performance chip also means ultra-low latency. When playing games, the image and sound are basically equivalent. once you see it, you’ll hear it. The low-latency technology is matched with Qualcomm audio patent aptx. it’s a visible and auditory feel. Haylou T19 has Qualcomm TWS+ technology that realizes dual-channel synchronous transmission and simultaneously transmits the sound signal to the left and right ears. you’ll also use the left and right earphones independently.HaylouT19 uses two-way four-microphone intelligent noise reduction technology. A pair of headphones has four microphones performing at an equivalent time and shields most of the environmental noise through beamforming. Apple users enjoy the AAC HD codec and use a replacement generation of wool bio-composite diaphragm, a bit like a superb acoustic filter. It supports type-c charging, which is according to the charging interface of my mobile. After removing. Use your mobile to look for Bluetooth “Haylou-T19” to attach directly.

 Haylou T19 Review
Haylou T19 Review


The Haylou T19 offers a good fit, good touch controls, sweet balanced-bassy sound, and an insanely portable charging case. It’s one of the best TWS earphones you can get for 2678 BDT

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The Haylou T19 price in Bangladesh is only 2678 BDT.

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