Haylou GT1 Pro Review

Haylou GT1 Pro Review

The Haylou GT1 Pro Wireless Earbuds manufactured by Xiaomi, and therefore the upgraded version of the previous GT1, it’s true wireless stereo (TWS) technology meaning that you simply can transmit the L channel (left) and therefore the channel R (right) separately audio in both earbuds to deliver a very wireless experience for gaming, streaming, music. With including good battery life, Noise reduction, Voice assistant like Siri, Google Assistant, and Xiaomi Xiaoyi, the GT1 Pro offers clear calling and good sound quality like sound on high-class headphones, it’s the simplest option in value for money. I can say it’s one among the simplest competitors of Redmi AirDots from where sound quality and price. The Haylou GT1 Pro price in Bangladesh is only 1369 BDT.

Haylou GT1 Pro Review
Haylou GT1 Pro Review

Features of Haylou GT1 Pro: 

  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earphones will offer you stable transmission, fast-speed transmitting, and low power consumption.
  • 800mAh Charging Battery: The earbuds have 26 hours of battery life with a charging dock to secure music with you. An 800mAh large battery capacity built-in the charging dock, providing you adequate battery once you leave for an extended journey.
  • Battery Display: The charging case features a built-in battery display function. The case will display the important battery capacity of the earbuds through the indicator light.
  • 7.2mm Driver with AAC: The dynamic driver is merely 7.2mm. With AAC and a high-polymer resin diaphragm, the built-in driver offers punchy bass, soft but clear mids, and highs. because of Hifi stereo, your calling would be sort of a face-to-face talk.
  • Siri and Google Assistant: Double touch either earbud to awaken the voice assistant. Support Xiaomi from Xiaomi, Siri, and Google Assistant.
  • DSP and Dual Mic Noise Isolation: Embedded Bluetooth chipset supports the DSP module to offset parts of noise. With the built-in NC system, GT1 Pro offers clear-talking while improving sound quality.

The sound quality of Haylou GT1 Pro:

In this price class, Sound quality is one of the most factors for selecting headphones, for this Xiaomi Haylou GT1 Pro TWS Earbuds Equipped with AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) and seven .2 mm to delivers punchy bass and soft, clear mid-highs sound. So, The sound is sweet and balanced, I just wish there was a touch more bass. But overall they’re great earbuds especially once you consider their worth.
Besides, the DSP noise-canceling technology and Hi-fi stereo sound make sure you immersive music and calling experience. And Tuning Technology, enhancing low-frequency sound performance in order that you’ll enjoy the simplest quality sound on a budget category.

Haylou GT1 Pro Review
Haylou GT1 Pro Review

Touch control:

The touch control is simple, allowing you to concentrate on music or make a call and switch between them with one click. The built-in microphone allows you to answer the decision with two-click at any time, one tap plays or pauses the music, two taps on the proper side advance a track, two taps on the left one causes you to return a song and three taps to call the voice assistant such Siri, Google assistant, and Xiaomi Xiaomi. And unfortunately, It’s impossible to vary the quantity of the earpieces only through your phone.

Battery life:

GT1 Pro TWS offers about 26 hours of use on one charge because the 800 mAh charging case requires 1.5-2 hours to completely charge and provides an additional 5.5 times charge for earbuds, Unfortunately, the connector may be a micro USB, so this charging is slow and takes a while. The Four white LEDs indicate the share battery level of the charging case. The earbuds with 43mAh can last 3-4 hours on one charge which is quite enough for an extended workout or casual stroll.

LED indicators about battery level:

The case also features a new feature within the charge indicator lights. letting you recognize what proportion of power you’ve got left from four lights that act as both a progress indicator and a charge meter. Open and shut the case, and therefore the lights will tell you ways much power you’ve got left.

4 LEDs light: 75 to Full Battery.
3 LEDs light: 50 to 75%.
2 LEDs light: 25 to 50%.
1 LEDs light White and flashing: from 0 to 25%.


The Haylou GT1 Pro offers a good fit, good touch controls, sweet balanced-bassy sound, and an insanely portable charging case. It’s one of the best TWS earphones you can get for 1369 BDT

The charging case features a built-in battery display function. The case will display the important battery capacity of the earbuds through the indicator light.

In the case of full power, the volume is adjusted to 50%, which can be used continuously for about 3.5 hours, and the charging box can be recharged 5.5 times for a total of 22 hours.

For buying, you can simply get it from here Haylou GT1 Pro

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