Google Pixel 6 Pro’s camera samples Leak

Google Pixel 6 Pro’s camera samples leaked by YouTuber M. Brandon Lee

Pixel 6 Pro
Pixel 6 Pro

Last month, the Google Pixel 6 Pro showed up in a hands-on videotape, which did not reveal much of significance new but gave us a quick 360- degree term of the succeeding- gen Pixel. The same source is back with another videotape, showing us the snapshots and vids taken from the Pixel 6 Pro.

The pixels camera samples come from YouTuber M. Brandon Lee of This is Tech Today, which, he says, ” we have not one exclusive major google pixel 6 pro league but multiple leaks some of these links are some of the most requested things that you’ve asked me to find out like a video of the curved screen with a white background on information about the camera app and yes even verified images and videos from the google pixel 6 pro, yes i have images and videos from the google pixel 6 pro crazy.

Pixel 6 Pro
pixel 6 pro

I’m trying to get more information for all of you so please leave a comment on what else you want me to try to find out and give this video a thumbs up subscribe and hit the bell icon to be notified. (Pixel 6 Pro)

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Pixel 6 Pro
pixel 6 pro

So i can start hiring help and trying to pay them a respectful wage which is really important to me now a lot of you that saw my first hands-on video leak of the google pixel 6 pro saw that the front of the device had a curved screen i read your comments and your tweets and saw that some of you were especially concerned because it looked a bit more extreme for a curve than most people would have been okay with. Especially if you don’t like curved screens in my discord community there’s a link in the description to join.

If i could get a video of the curve with a white screen thankfully my source is able to provide a video of just that for me in this exclusive video we can see that the curve doesn’t wrap around deep into the edges of the phone but has more of a curve that’s similar to that of an s21 ultra than what you would see an old samsung device when curves are just becoming a thing honestly i think that’s the best type of curve you could have if you have a curved screen conveniently,

i have the vivo x70 pro plus which has a samsung e5 panel on it just like the google pixel 6 pro will have according to ross young and this one has a slightly stronger curve on it compared to the s21 ultra that seems to be more like what we’re seeing in this video most of the screen is flat with a curve at just the very very edges and most of the curve is just glass which gives it a better feel in the hand.

On the vivo x70 pro plus

The curve is on the front and back and it makes it feel significantly thinner and easier to hold than even the s21 ultra so hopefully the pixel 6 pro has a similar feel on the hand. Because this phone it just feels incredible oh and let’s hope the palm rejection is as good as on the vivo because this thing it just may be flawless so what do you think of the curve is it better than you had imagined how do you feel about not being an insane curve like phones used to be also here’s a close-up of the front-facing earpiece speaker.

It has dedicated speaker cutout instead of the piezoelectric speaker that was built into the screen of the pixel 5 that wasn’t so great. I’m not saying that just. Because i’m an audience it’s just it was bad now we get to find out more about the cameras first i need to preface this by saying that this version of the camera app does not seem to have some of the features found in michelle’s recent camera app exploration there could be a number of reasons for this but it’s likely that google is not pushing all the software features to the google pixel 6 until a later unknown time.

In order to make sure that they don’t leak out and probably practically continue to work on them until their go live date now in the video we see the rear facing lenses have a zoom range that goes between 0.7x 1x 2x and 4x in the photo mode in the video mode it has a 0.7 x 1x and 4x zoom modes in the camera settings we see a lot of other features that from what i can tell are the same types of features that are currently available on the google pixel 5 and other google pixel devices like audio zoom familiar faces stabilization and more for portrait mode.

It defaults to 2.8x mode but it also has a 1x mode which is really nice now let’s look at the photos and videos but before we look at them i have to preface this as well and say that my source isn’t a photographer videographer content creator or reviewer they’re just a random person just taking pictures and videos willy-nilly so don’t expect that they’ll frame things in the best way possible or anything in addition this is pre-production software remember, how the camera app doesn’t have everything that means that you should not. I repeat should not base your buying decision or conclusions on the quality of the images or video off of these samples you got it.

Amateur camera user and pre-production software got it good okay for the not so great photos that were sent through social media. The rest were sent properly to me but we’ll we still need to look at these they’re helpful here we have images of what the images look like in a dimly lit room at 1x 2x and 4x now for these images we do indeed have the photo metadata that shows that this is from the google pixel 6 pro as well as the settings.

It’s shooting at i’ve covered up some of the metadata to protect my source all right let’s look at this green building now we have some photos taken around 2 30 p.m local time on what looks to be an overcast day we can see a lot of detail in this image especially on the road even the corners of the image look great we also have that great contrast we love from Pixel 6 Pro phones what’s crazy is that you can zoom in so much and see the design of the porch light on the ceiling.

In this image and it doesn’t crush the shadows or make this guy look super weird in hdr blue like on the iphone now this shot is taken with portrait mode again the detail on this is really quite good and the cutout is really great to be fair though this isn’t something super hard like someone’s hair but i will say that i still like the way google handles portrait mode way better than the iphone both in the cutout and the way the bokeh looks also the background of this imagestill shows that the image isn’t crushed or blown out now.

If you want another portrait mode photo but of people i have  an extra bonus picture that’s available on our this is texas discord chat server so come join us there it’s of the sources kids and i honestly didn’t feel right posting it in this video where everyone can see it and well that’s not really what i prefer but you get to see what portrait mode looks on them so i guess check it out by clicking the link in the description now for this next image.

We can see that this overcast day doesn’t really exactly make the colors pop in this image but it seems to be more true to life in terms of the color compared to something overly saturated like you’d see on maybe older samsung phones again we see in the shadows that they’re not crushed like what we see on an iphone but we see a lot of detail and the sky looks natural there’s even enough detail that you can see the person all the way in the distance and even the grille of this toyota suv i even think that’s a bmw behind that.

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