Google Pixel 6 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Google Pixel 6 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, a full comparison between S21 Ultra vs Google Pixel 6 Pro including design, camera, battery, display, software, weight & More.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

The Google Pixel 6 and the Google Pixel 6 pro are back with their engines. It’s time to see how the Google Pixel 6 pro model stacks up against the beast from Samsung that came out at the beginning of this year.

The pixel 6 family beats out Samsung’s entire s21 lineup at 599 for 9.99 for the pixel 6 and 8.99 for the pixel 6 pro, which makes the pro around 100 cheaper than the s21 ultra. Google also played Samsung’s tactics of offering gifts to those who pre-order these phones, but let’s find out if the Google Pixel 6 pro holds up.

Is it up or down in this early comparison with the S21 Ultra, looking at the design both phones are unquestionably creating? Each has their own unique look. Google’s design choice definitely brings back memories of the Nexus 6p. I kind of like this duality.

Google Pixel 6 Pro


Despite the fact that both phones have 5,000,000,000 batteries, the Google Pixel 6 Pro actually feels more powerful. The s21 ultra is lighter in hand compared to the s21 ultra. With that being said, I’m definitely not a fan of the fingerprints. I’m getting on the pixel 6 and the Google pixel 6 pro because of their glossy looks. It’s definitely not as visible on the pixel 6 as it is on the pixel 6.

I definitely prefer the matte finish of the s21 ultra. It’s completely fingerprint free, and it looks just as new as the day I started using it. Both photos are coming. With absolute best protection thanks to Google Glass’s weakness and an ip68 water and dust resistance rating this time for the first time, the Google Pixel 6 Pro includes an under-screen fingerprint scanner, similar to the S21. They both support wireless charging where Google actually comes out on top with 23 watts of wireless charging.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Even the wired charging is 30 watts, which is faster than what Samsung currently offers when looking at the phone. The front display Both phones have a pretty large screen. We have a 6.7-inch display on the Google Pixel 6 pro and the s21.

Both phones have a 6.8-inch screen, rocking quad HD resolution with a 120hz refresh rate, and they’ve got WiFi. Bright screens, along with an incredible screen to body ratio. I definitely like those squarish notes.

Again, this is a matter of personal preference; for me, the Google pixel 6 pro looks better than the rounded look of the s21 ultra; for you, it is a matter of personal preference.

the overall peak brightness of the display. The S21 ultra can hit 1500 nits, whereas Google didn’t really.It’s hard to specify the actual max brightness level on the Google Pixel 6 Pro, but it’s definitely not as much as Samsung’s peak brightness.

Now there is something really special about Samsung’s display, and that is that it works with the s-pen, so you can actually write with it. I got a note-experience on this phone. The ability to take pictures underwater is something that obviously does not come with the Google Pixel 6 Pro. on to the good part.


This is a big deal for the Pixel 6 series because we have custom UI for the first time ever. The Google tensor chip It’s pretty much like the Enos 2100 inside the s21 ultra with the same GPUs and the same five nanometers. So Google can have that.

But when it comes to performance, these phones should perform almost on par again. It’s going to come down to computer software.So it will be doing a dedicated speed test later on, so make sure you subscribe for that, but in terms of.

Of course, just by using these phones in hand, they feel incredibly smooth because of that 120 hero refresh rate and, of course, animations that are extremely optimizedNow, in terms of software, Google is bringing the most recent, and I mean the most recent, pure Android 12. On the Google Pixel 6 pro. Samsung is still stuck on Android 11, but very soon we’re going to see the One UI 4.0 based on it.

When it comes to the skins, the stock android is definitely starting to become more like . Custom OEM skin doesn’t look that much vanilla like back in the days, which is a nice thing because we’ve got. There are some good features going on, like the material theme engine, which will make its way to Samsung devices as well. However, Samsung skin still offers more features than stock Android, like Samsung decks, which transform your phone into. It’s like a mini laptop experience, plus there are loads of extra features built into Samsung’s one (suggestion limit reached) to counter that “Stock Android” does bring the fastest software updates on any android device out there, something that can not.

So you’re going to get the latest version of Android first on the Pixel devices as for the actual software. Both and Google promise three major (suggestion limit reached) upgrades, so long-term relevance wise, both phones are on par.

Finally, let’s talk cameras

Google Pixel 6 Pro

This is where it’s all about Google’s biggest camera upgrade is finally here. We have a new one. 50 megapixel main. The s21 ultra has a cell gn1 sensor which outputs 12 megapixel images similar to the s21 ultra’s 108 megapixels. As for the zoom, you can see the s21 ultra still has the upper hand because of its 10x optical level. Compared to the 4x optical zoom on the Google Pixel 6 Pro, Google has a big surprise, which is the super zoom on the Pixel 6.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro can zoom up to 20 times, which is not as much as 100 times, but the quality is good. Surprisingly amazing. Again, we’ll be doing a camera test dedicated later on. Range-wise, it’s still not as much as what we had hoped. You can get on the (suggestion limit reached) ultra, but it’s more than enough for 99 people out there, and finally we have a 12 megapixel camera.

Both devices have ultra-wide angle lenses. Now this is not a camera disc comparison that’s coming later, but what you can. What you can expect image-wise is that same pixel camera processing combined with the high resolution now in terms of the video. Google can only do 4k 60 fps with the main camera lens while the rest of the lenses are capped at 4k 30 fps. On the other hand, the s21 ultra can do 4k60 on all lenses in some areas . It still has an edge, but then Google comes along and does the same.

Where there’s an astrophotography mode where they both go back and forth and the actual experience. Overall, I don’t think any of these phones completely beat each other at all. I don’t think any of these phones completely beat each other at all. What I can say is that whatever phone you decide to pick up, you’re ultimately going to get the best camera experience. I have an android phone. That’s something that we couldn’t say about past pixel phones now with the bigger sensor and the telephoto.


Last but not least, I’m going to talk about the zoom It extends all the way up to 20 times and it’s a great portrait mode. It’s right up there. Last but not least, I’m going to talk about the audio. In terms of battery life, the Google Pixel 6 Pro’s battery performance has been excellent in the time I’ve had this phone. looked really, really good and completely optimized. I haven’t tested Google’s promise that this phone can last one day.

So far it’s been very, very good. The s21 ultra, on the other hand, doesn’t really It lasted me a full day. It’s not a bad battery life, but it’s definitely not a one-day plus usage experience. Especially on 120hz, unless you switch to 60hz or use any of the power saving tools again, we’ll be doing a complete shutdown. So all in all, the Google Pixel 6 pro nails a lot of things. Make sure you subscribe to the channel.

It works perfectly, and it’s almost on par with the s21 ultra. The big difference comes down to the value proposition, especially since the base Pixel 6 comes in at 5.99. It’s cheaper than any of (suggestion limit reached)’s s21 series phones, and it offers major features.

With the absence of the Galaxy S21 (suggestion limit reached), Google has a real opportunity to shine with the Google Pixel 6 Pro Versus the s21 ultra again. It’s a hundred dollars cheaper, so pricing wise, Google’s lineup overall is much better sweeter deal than Samsung’s.

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