Better Snapdragon phone Realme GT NEO 2 or Mi 11X

Which is the better Snapdragon 870 phone: Realme GT NEO 2 or Mi 11X?

Mi 11X

Realme GT NEO 2 is a snapdragon 870 phone that has just launched in India at a price tag of rupees 31 triple nine for eight, 120 GB Vayner, and now this. The Mi 11x is a snapdragon 870 phone as well. The official price for the eight 128 GB variant is Rs. 28 triple nine.

Plus, both of these are available with some great festive offers as well, so which is the better phone to go for, the neo2 or the mi 11x? Well, I’ve done a detailed review. So stick around till the end to find out the verdict, so let’s take it one by one. Let’s start with the design of these phones.

Mi 11X

I put the GT Neo2 and the Mi 11x side by side, and I think both of these phones are premium. I mean, the looks are pretty subjective. The main Mi 11x has a glossy finish in this black variant, which is huge. It is a fingerprint magnet, but it is available in matte finishes too, as for the GT Neo2. This is the GT News Neo Blue variant, which I like with its matte glass. But there is also the neo green variant, which is kind of bold and both of these phones give you multiple options.

Also, for anyone wondering, both these phones have a plastic frame. As for the dimensions and weight main 11x is slightly thinner and 4 grams lighter, but the GT Neo2 has a marginally small footprint when it comes to height, and now do note that both width and height are measured in millimeters. It’s just not a big enough difference. Both of these phones don’t have a headphone jack, and there’s no micro sd slot, but both have some of these phones do have stereo speaker setups, but in my usage, I found GT Neo 2 the speakers are fantastic.

Compared to the mi 11x speakers, there’s just a with its louder speakers, the GT Neo2 speakers have a little more depth and thump. The main evidence The speakers are good too. So far it’s been pretty evenly distributed.

Both of these phones have their advantages when it comes to design.

Mi 11X

The other phone does not have the realme GT neo 2’s in-display fingerprint scanner. Honestly, I prefer a side-mounted fingerprint scanner which I honestly prefer a lot more than a side-mounted fingerprint one. I expect in-display fingerprint scanners on phones like the mi 11x. I mean, I expect in-display fingerprint scanners, too. On AMOLED phones now, on the other hand, the Mi 11x has a gorilla glass 5 back as well.

The GT Neo2 has a back cover as well as a front one and it has an ip53 rating for splash resistance. It has a glass back but there’s no mention of gorilla glass. Nowadays, this should be splash resistance, but there’s no IP rating.

Coming to the exhibits both these phones have the same display, at least on paper e4 amino panel FHD plus refresh rate of 120 hertz, same contrast ratio of 1300 nits of peak brightness HDR 10 Plus is compatible with 100 dc ip3 now. There are a few differences, The GT neo 2 panel is said to have a touch sampling rate of 600Hz.

Apart from this, the mi 11x has MEMC at 375 hertz. The GT Neo2 lacks support, but the GT Neo2 has an open ultra-vision engine. So, it’s good now, specs apart. I think both the panels look good. thank you for being so vibrant and smooth. Due to the higher refresh rate, they have been tuned a little differently with the GT NEO 2 going for a warmer look and Mi 11x is going for a cooler look, but you can always change the color more. I also did a manual brightness comparison. In a manual test, I did feel the Mi 11x. The panel was maybe one or two people brighter. Honestly, you’ll be good with any of them.

Next up, these great ammonite panels. I want to compare these cameras because this is one area where I’m expecting a big difference between both of them triple cameras, but the main camera is what matters. The GT Neo2 has a 64-bit megapixel main sensor, while the Mi 11x has a 48-megapixel main camera, so it is pretty close to seeing that both phones have their advantages, but the GT neo 2 is slightly better overall.

As you can see the GT NEO 2 shots are more detailed in almost every way. For example, in this photo of The PS5 controller If we zoom in, I can see that the GT NEO 2 shot is sharper now. Here’s another example of zooming in and more details on the realme phone. The dynamic range of the gt neo2 is also improved In this photo you can see the buildings. Now here’s another photo where you can see the window, They are just better at the dynamic range now.

The mi 11x does take a more natural shot at But to be honest, both of these Phones saturate colors here and there, Now in low light, it’s a very close call. The Mi 11x does very well when it comes to sharp photographs, even if they are taken at a distance. The cost of more noise The GT NEO 2 cuts down it makes the noise better. However, when it comes to nighttime mode. The GT NEO 2 has the superior now in night mode we take these shots in the night mode and, as you can see from the shots There’s a big difference when it comes to videos The GT NEO2 supports up to 4k 60fps videos while the mi 11x can only do 4k at 30 fps max.

Anyway, here’s a 4k 30fps video of both in terms of color and design, and even stability wise they look pretty close. But I did notice that the mi 11x video was a little sharper at times.

Now when it comes to ultra-wide-angle lens both these phones are sort of decent. They both take sharp photos and are in focus but the color accuracy is something that both of them are inconsistent with apart from that. When it comes to the front camera the gt neo2 has a 16-megapixel sensor. While the 11x has a 20-megapixel sensor, now megapixels apart both these phones take fairly good and well-exposed selfies but the mi 11x
selfies are sharper and they have this warmer tone which might be appealing for some people.
Moving on to the performance the gt neo2 and 11x are evenly matched snapdragon 870 of 3.1 storage you know the specs. but how do they fare in the real world?

Well both these phones are nice and smooth in day-to-day usage. When it comes to gaming both of these phones are also almost lag-free when gaming at the highest graphics settings so that’s good. But apart from that, I ran a few tests first up, I did some benchmarks now first up. I did a storage speed test where the gt neo2 scores higher which is a surprise since both of these phones have ufs 3.1 storage.

Anyway, I also ran some CPU GPU benchmarks here’s the additive score. Surprisingly again the gt neo2 scores higher now same with the geek bench 5 scores the gt neo 2 does better and that may be due to the thermals. Xiaomi has not talked about a cooling system in the mi 11x but the gt neo2 comes with what realme calls stainless steel vapor cooling plus which is a large area 8 layer structure.

I did a thermal throttling test on both these phones and while both of these phones don’t have any overheating issues in my testing. I did notice that the realme gt neo2 performed a little better than the m11x. I used the CPU throttling test app and I ran it three times in the first 15 minutes run the gt neo2 throttled to 88 of its max performance. While the mi 11x throttled to 78 of its max performance now in the second 15 minute run the gt neo 2 throttled to 86 of its max performance and the mi 11x went to 77 %.

The test for 30 minutes and the gt neo2 was better throttling to only eighty-nine percent of its max performance. The mean 11x on the other hand throttled to 79 which is not bad. But the gt neo2 is better now. The next segment is battery charging the real gt neo2 is the better phone on paper here beyond, the battery front or charging. Now the battery performance is something, tested and while it was not a big difference the gt neo2 was a little better played a youtube video at 1080p at max brightness for the gt newton lost only six percent battery while the mi 11x was also pretty good losing seven percent battery.

I also recorded a 15-minute 4k video on both the phones and in this both phones lost exactly. The same 5 % battery now as for the overnight battery gain. Both the phones are pretty good losing only 2 % battery on the charging front the realme gt nu2 goes from zero to 100 in just 39 minutes with its 65-watt charger. While the mi 11x takes 58 minutes with its 33-watt charger. Now when it comes to the software there’s realme UI 2.0 there’s miui 12. Both of these UI skins have their fans so it’s subjective.

When it comes to pre-installed apps the mi 11x is better the gt neo2 has Netflix, Snapchat, Amazon, Facebook, daily hunt,, prime video, amazon music merge. Lots of them although they can be uninstalled the 11x has Netflix, amazon prime video, Facebook, LinkedIn and yes these can be uninstalled too.

Now apart from that both of these phones are on the august security patch so yeah pretty, even lastly, there’s the connectivity. When it comes to 5g bands the gt neo2 is a proper 5g phone and like the me11x it has eight 5g bands. While the mi 11x has two 5g bands apart from that both these phones have carrier aggregation support. So that’s great but one thing to note is that the realme gt neo 2 has NFC on board. This is something that the mi 11x lacks now it’s not a big deal, but it’s something you should know but it’s time now for the verdict so which is the better phone between these two the gt neo2 or the mi 11x well I’ll be honest the mi 11x is a phone that. I liked it until the realme gt neo 2 arrived because honestly, the enemy gt neo2 looks like the better phone overall.

So the realme phone wins on a lot of important factors it has a better camera a bigger battery faster charging more 5g bands better performance. In thermal tests better touch sampling date and it has an in-display fingerprint scanner. Which is the main x has a gorilla glass 5 front and back IP 53 rating better front cameras and it’s a bit more affordable but yeah the gt neo2 is my winner here because like I said it’s just a better phone overall well what do you guys think which phone would you go for the realme gt neo 2 or the mi 11x.

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