Best Teleconference Software

When it comes to teleconference software at work or holding important meetings via video call, the tool of choice must have all the necessary features. But even in the private sphere, you don’t want to do without anything when it comes to video telephony – CHIP shows you the best teleconference software.

As companies grow, they tend to decentralize branches in more distant locations in search of customers. You also gain more partners and other work colleagues who are not always in the same federal states or cities. This creates a massive headache trying to get all of these partners into a single room during board meetings and similar meetings. In addition, the costs and resources required to conduct these sessions are very high. For this reason, teleconference software is indispensable in the modern business world. The following is a high-level overview of the best conference call software that is recommended for you:

Video conferencing tools are a prerequisite for online events or even simple online team meetings. Here is a detailed overview of the IT solutions for teleconference software. If you are looking for a free version for your teleconference software, you can find it very quickly in the article: free teleconference software – an overview of well-known and popular ones.

WebEx Meeting Center

Best Teleconference Software
Best Teleconference Software

WebEx Meeting Center is an incredible teleconference software developed by Cisco. One of the biggest goals in developing this tool was to ensure that conference calls could not only be conducted efficiently, but also very easy. The software is therefore very easy to install and use. With WebEx, you don’t need an IT pro to set up your video conference every time you try to host an online meeting. Because of this, you can also choose to hold the video conference online from their official website using any computer without having to download their software first. It’s also a very attractive and interactive tool that will help your colleagues feel part of the team and boost their morale.

WebEx offers its customers a 14-day free premium experience when they sign up! With the WebEx Premium plan, you also get; a whiteboard sharing platform, 100 participants maximum, phone dial-in and VoIP capability, document editing and markup, Outlook integration, and you can also record and save online interactions.


GoToMeeting is one of the best teleconference software. Desktop sharing can also be operated via GoToMeeting. The software is available for the computer, but also as an app for smartphones and tablets. A desktop version can be downloaded on the PC or the web view can be used directly. Meetings can be scheduled, held, and recorded. In this way, even absent colleagues can easily understand the content afterward. Drawing tools and a virtual whiteboard help you better present your ideas. Office 365 and Google Calendar can also be integrated directly into GoToMeeting as add-ons.

After a 14-day free trial period, you can choose from several tariffs. The functions of GoToMeeting are available to you for $12 per month.


In a collaboration toolset like Slack, of course, the possibility of making video calls should not be missing. The company calls the whole thing Slack Calls, but the rules are a bit complicated. One-on-one audio and video calls between team members are free. But if you want to use screen sharing or hold an audio or video conference with several team members, you need a paid subscription (from 6.25 euros per month) and even then the number of participants is limited to 15 team members.

If you even want to hold a virtual meeting with more than 15 people, you have to set up a workspace and send out invitations. Also, guests need to set up Slack accounts to join the video conference. Another option is to configure Slack to work with services like Zoom, Bluejeans, WebEx, or GoToMeeting. However, not all video services can be set as the default conferencing app for a workspace.


Teleconference Software
Best Teleconference Software

Skype for Business is arguably the best teleconferencing software out there. This is a Microsoft Corporation product designed specifically for business use. So you can easily conduct business with your distant colleagues. This video conferencing software offers its users two plans; One is free, where you can hold online meetings with a maximum of 10 people, and the paid plan can accommodate up to 250 people. One of the best features of this software is the storage and sharing of 1 TB of storage. This massive storage space allows you to store and share your work effortlessly. Skype for Business also supports PowerPoint collaboration and screen savers, and you also get an online version of MS Office.


Teleconferencing software Zoom is the other great teleconferencing tool that you can use for free. With their free plan, you can interact with a maximum of 50 participants and you can enjoy HD video and voice. If you are looking for an excellent video conferencing software for your short meetings with your small team, then Zoom teleconferencing software is your best choice. You can also opt to upgrade to the paid plan where 500 people join your conference call.

The tool also has the whiteboard feature to share ideas through drawings and an audio recording feature that allows you to save the how-to for future reference. Zoom has a built-in IM feature that allows you to send private messages to any member of your group or the entire group.

Distance no longer needs to stand between you and the rest of your team. This impressive video conferencing software is almost as good as face-to-face meetings. They give you the opportunity to motivate your colleagues, give and receive updates from them and keep them goal-oriented, far away, or from home! When used well, they have the power to transform your business into a brighter future.

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