Best Project Management Tool For Software Development

Best Project Management Tool

A project management tool is employed to assist set up, managing, and tracking tasks for all techniques of projects. As developers, we tend to use project management tools to assist keep the software system development cycle on track and make sure the software system development team is in a position to deliver a product on time, on budget, and with no errors. during this article, we are going to cross-check the best project management tools and software systems for software developers.

Before we start observing our picks, there square measure a number of things to notice. First, the software system development tools listed in this article square measure in no specific order. Further, this can be by no suggested that an entire list. There aren’t any doubt, countless project management tools that won’t seem on this list. However, the ones we include are considered some of the best project management tools for software development.

What is Project Management Software?

Project Management software is software used by a wide range of industries for projects coming up with, resource allocation, and planning. It allows project managers similarly to entire groups to manage their budget, quality management, and every documentation exchanged throughout a project. This software system additionally is a platform for facilitating collaboration among project stakeholders.

“Project management” deals with managing the project activities by utilizing advanced tools and innovative techniques, and varied skills, involving the experts who have application data. Results of these activities cause meeting the project needs.

Why Is Project Management Software Important? 

To reach a software development project, you would like to strike the correct balance between technical special skills, structure skills, and management ability. this can be precisely what project management tools assist you to achieve; not just for managers but additionally for different members of the event team.

List Of Best Project Management Tool For Software Development In 2022

1. Asana:


In order to stay work organized, the Asana project management software offers Tasks, projects, conversations, and dashboards. several happy users say that the catchiest feature this tool has got to supply is the ability to feature custom fields and track solely what’s vital to you. The package conjointly offers Team Pages wherever concepts and conversations square measure shared for all to ascertain also as a ‘Smart Box’ wherever team members receive exclusively vital project updates instead of all messages back and forth. It will be integrated with a big variety of alternative systems as well as Google Drive, DropBox, Github, MailChimp, and more.


  • Tasks and team assignment
  • Projects roadmaps and timelines
  • Milestones and team progress
  • File and track bug reports and sprints
  • Project dashboards to get a fast summary

Pricing: Asana offers a free basic version, however businesses can also sign up for a premium ($9.99/month).

2. JIRA Software:

JIRA Software
JIRA Software

JIRA software is a famous project management software that caters principally to agile, software development groups. at intervals in the package, these groups will produce customizable scrum boards, and Kanban boards, and build use of agile news. Users can even track bugs, read any outstanding problems and monitor time spent per task. JIRA comes with a strong set of genus APIs that alter users to attach it to any third-party software.


  • Create user stories
  • Manage problems
  • Distribute assignments across groups and rank them
  • Plan iterations
  • Use custom-built scrum or Kanban boards
  • Track project performance

Pricing: Starting from $10/month to $1500/month.

3. Zoho Projects:

Zoho Projects
Zoho Projects

Like competition Jira, Zoho Projects is a project management tool that’s particularly designed for package development groups. That isn’t to mention use it for alternative projects – like promoting or creative functions – you can. However, Zoho comes shines once it involves serving software development project managers to keep their development groups on track.


  • Task lists with multiple tasks and milestones
  • Time tracking and timesheets
  • Gantt charts to oversee project progress
  • Document and file management

Pricing: From $5 user/month

4. Scoro:


Scoro is a business management software that aids in projects, tasks, and getting in touch with the management. What makes Scoro a standout tool is that it helps software development groups streamline their work by replacing the various tools they use with one, powerful app. 


  • Automate tasks
  • Real-time KPI dashboard
  • Shared team calendar & meeting scheduling
  • Contact management
  • Time tracking
  • Planner

Pricing: The premium plan starts at $33/user/month.

5. Workzone:


Workzone is constructed by an extremely dedicated team to assist people and organizations gain higher control and visibility in work management. It provides them a central place to manage and share work, therefore everybody stays on the same page.


  • Personalized, individual to-do lists
  • Create subtasks and task dependencies
  • Request forms
  • Document sharing
  • API and Integrations
  • File versioning

Pricing: Starts from $24 per month

6. ProofHub:


ProofHub is an online project management app that places stress on simplicity. The PfoofHub project management software is meant principally for tiny and growing businesses. Projects square measure allotted to teams and purchasers, who are able to discuss, share and edit. Proofhub conjointly offers to form custom roles for users to form Gantt charts. the subsequent are a number of the subcomponents of ProofHub: Custom Roles, Task management, Workflows and Boards, Gantt Charts, Reports, Time pursuit, Discussions, Chat, Calendar, File management, Notes, and in-app notifications.


  • Task management
  • Custom reports
  • Time tracking and timesheets
  • Online team discussions and chats
  • Secure file storage

Pricing: Start from $45 month

7. Basecamp:


Basecamp is the foremost well-liked project management app. This application has nice responsiveness, is easy, and has unlimited plug-in services. Yet, you can not integrate it with Google Drive, Dropbox, and alternative applications. To do so, you may have to be compelled to hunt for sure services.


  • Projects to manage multiple users’ work
  • Message boards for discussing new projects or ideas
  • In-app collaboration with the team
  • Reporting on project performance
  • Separate dashboard for showing to clients
  • Email and desktop notifications

Price: Free plans available, paid plans from $99/month

 8. Trello:


Trello is a leading online project management software with built-in cooperation tools to work together with your groups. It’s lightweight, simple, and easy to use. It uses boards, lists, and cards to form tasks and keep organized. Users will collaborate at intervals on the cards, share files, and leave comments.


  • Simple task management on a cardboard
  • Creating unlimited task lists
  • Image and file sharing
  • Organizing lists by dates or priority
  • Commenting and collaboration

Pricing: Free for personal use, $9.99 user/month for businesses.

9. Hive:

Hive software
Hive software

Hive’s powerful project management and collaboration software put the needs of a team in a single place. The system lets you track project status, and provides a Kanban-style status view, Gantt charts for project progress, and everything that a project team needs on a single page.

Hive’s powerful project management and collaboration software place the requirements of a team in a very single place. The system enables you to track project standing and provides a Kanban-style standing read, Gantt charts for project progress, and everything that a project team desires on one page.


  • Provides a central platform for everything
  • Plan and repeat tasks using action templates
  • Move seamlessly between comes, messages, and files
  • Access anyplace from a desktop or mobile apps
  • 1000+ integrations

Price: Professional plan at  $12/user/month

10. Wrike:


Wrike may be a cloud-based assistance and project management software. This tool helps its users keep track of daily operations and ensures that the project is finished at intervals within a definite frame and pre-determined price. once fixing tasks, Wrike will be integrated with alternative business tools like Google Apps, Microsoft Excel, Dropbox, etc.

The Wrike app provides the option to rework emails into tasks. This email integration conjointly enables users to form, assign or edit documents from their email account.


  • Project templates
  • Project planning and performance optimization
  • Resource planning and management
  • Reporting features
  • Timesheets
  • Dozens of integrations

Pricing: Starts at $9.80/user/month.


Project management tools square measure completely essential for software developers, however finding the correct resolution will be a slippery road. Let your procedures and workflows guide you through the choice method to stay productive on the right track. Don’t be afraid to experiment once you’ve narrowed down your list of must-have options. By experiencing however totally different platforms add your organization, you’ll discover the most effective work.

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