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Even in the digital world, customers prefer live communication over the phone. The best call center software will always be the one that suits the needs of your company. This tool is a means that allows operators to manage telephone calls and exchanges with customers, through email, chat, and social networks, and must fulfill the function of smoothly managing communications with customers that come from various channels. That’s why call center software is so popular today. 

Implementing a call center in the cloud has been, for many, the most convenient and economical solution for customer support. With so many options, knowing the most important features that the best call center software must-have is essential to making a wise decision.

One of the best ways to offer good customer service is to open a contact center department in the company. However, you should keep in mind that you need the right tools. In this article, we talk about the best call center software in your company.

List of the best call center software

Listed below are the most popular call center solutions that are mostly used across the globe, including in countries like the US, UK, and India.

1. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a call center software for small businesses with a cloud version, also used by medium and large companies, which enables efficient customer service. From its installation, it is ready to make and receive calls. It offers users a detailed call history and works globally. It has a CRM built into the call center that can be used on desktop computers and mobile phones to record any interaction with the customer.

The tool incorporates a PBX that makes it easy to set up greetings and voicemail, automatic call recording, queue scheduling, and call forwarding to mobile numbers. You can import call lists into CSV and Excel files, view customer information during the call, and add notes. The operator can create tracks for missed calls and other features that make it the best call center software.

Main 3 Bitrix24 call center software features:

  • Includes live chat and collect telephone SATs.
  • It has a free version with built-in e-mail queues.
  • With the possibility of hosting its own data storage platform.

2. Talkdesk

A robust call center solution for business teams, TalkDesk offers features designed to help large teams manage phone support at a fast pace. From workforce management to industry-specific security features, TalkDesk gives teams everything they need to deliver a consistent customer experience at scale.

TalkDesk helps teams with everything from personal and feature time management software to industry-leading security features to ensure consistent customer service at any scale.

Talkdesk has omnichannel and intelligent routing features such as subscriber data, ACD, IVR, and caller groups. It provides unlimited conversation recording and has the features of advanced voice capabilities and a robust dialer. Talkdesk is also remarkable for its nicely-progressive network architecture. Overall, it’s the best call center software for companies in several major industries: retail, e-commerce, financial services, healthcare, travel, and hotel management.

Mail 3 TalkDesk call center software features:

  • It complements the integrated services of a call center.
  • It helps to incorporate new features, such as IVR or automatic routing.
  • Periodically prepare telecare statistical reports.

3. Avaya

Built to the scale of the Avaya communications industry standard, the Unified Multichannel Communications System has the equipment, software, and hardware that enables remote groups to process calls from anywhere. Avaya call center is a universal cloud-based or hybrid automated solution for inbound and outbound voice, video, email, and chat applications. You’ll benefit from team chat, meeting software, and collaboration features.

Avaya call Center software provides screen capture, quality management, and learning capabilities, as well as real-time reporting and historical reporting. In addition, this cloud-based call center software offers interaction recording, voice analysis, and auto-scheduling features. Avaya is commonly used in industries such as financial services, hotel management, healthcare, public safety, financial services, and education.

Main 3 Avaya call center software features:

  • With customer loyalty options.
  • Ideal for maintaining the competitive position of large companies.
  • Compatible with smart devices upon subscription.

4. Cloudtalk

Cloudtalk is a cloud communication system with intelligent IVR routing, designed for the work of the sales and customer service team. It offers access to the online dashboard, Win desktop, Mac, and mobile apps for iOS and Android. It helps businesses keep data in sync by offering native integrations with CRM, Helpdesk, and shopping carts.

Among the features that could define it as the best call center software, it offers templated text messages, a smart dialer, and clicks to call. Interactive voice response, incoming call distribution, and outgoing dialing. It accepts over 50 CRM integrations and has features for voicemail and conference calls. It offers a full-featured online call center that can deliver important customer information before each call is answered.

Ready to choose the best call center software on the market? If you haven’t made up your mind yet, try Bitrix24 now! These are all advantages for your company and for your customers.

Main 3 Cloudtalk call center software features:

  • Eliminate call transfers to speed case assignment.
  • Includes personalized voicemails for emergencies or calls after hours.
  • The custom queue feature allows you to forward the call to a specific team.

5. Five9 

Five9 is the best call center software, offering everything you need for an effective contact center, including staff administration and management tools: 100+ types of real-time and historical reports, call recording, and integration with hundreds of CRM software platforms Zendesk, Oracle, Zoho), Cloud API for open platform and data import, CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) popups. It offers the parameters of a local toll-free number, DNC compliance, Internet callback, and a text-to-speech tool. In addition, the software includes a prediction AI for the maximum effectiveness of the teams.

This universal cloud solution with the benefits of an on-premises system allows you to manage inbound customer service and outbound sales through a single command center. Whether by phone, chat, email, video, or social media, Five9 Omnichannel Routing ensures that every interaction is delivered to the right resource, providing fast response times and allowing agents to process unstructured data from multiple channels from a single desktop. intuitive agent.

Main 3 Five9 call center software feature:

  • Five9 is fully customizable, reliable, and secure.
  • It allows you to put your clients first thanks to its commercial approach.
  • Results-oriented services.

6. LiveAgent

LiveAgent’s call center solution is integrated directly into your multi-channel help desk, so you can help customers on any channel they choose. It’s one of the only tools on the list that doesn’t charge a per-minute usage fee, which is why LiveAgent can be a cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses that rely on phone support.

The software offers call center capabilities for incoming and outgoing calls, complete with sophisticated IVR branching, call routing, and unlimited conversation recordings. LiveAgent is not just called center software. It also offers live chat, ticketing, knowledge base, customer portal, and reporting capabilities.

Main 3 LiveAgent call center software features:

  • Integrates with 99% of VoIP providers
  • Intelligent call routing, video calls
  • Robust data analysis and reporting capabilities

7. Dixa

Dixa is a contact center that is easy to set up and runs completely in the browser. It has advanced call distribution and calls recognition algorithms; therefore, Dixa is a modern solution designed to improve the experience of both the client and the administrators.

It has advanced algorithms to distribute calls based on workload and available team members, reducing waiting times and allowing for much more personalized and efficient service.

Of course, the price of the subscription is not cheap, since in the United States it is available from 99 dollars per month per user, having to create a new payment plan if you want to expand the number of application managers.

Main 3 Dixa call center software features

  • Compatible with multiple devices to make and receive calls.
  • Its algorithm significantly reduces waiting time.
  • The subscription is valid for a single user, which limits the extrapolation of functions.

8. ZenDesk

Many call center developers incorporate customer relationship management into their products. As for ZenDesk, it has built a ZenDesk Talk contact center based on a CRM-based customer relationship management system and a cloud-based communication platform called Twilio, which integrates with ZenDesk’s ticketing system. ZenDesk Support and customer care software. This allows customer service teams to provide phone support from the same platform they use to manage other channels with customer information and history.

Thanks to automatic ticket creation, agents can take advantage of convenient help desk features with access to full customer history and additional features: IVR, real-time routing and monitoring, call recording, multiple calls, and incoming MMS. The integrated SMS function works automatically with the collected tickets.

In addition, ZenDesk Talk offers the features of browser-based calls and individual greetings, incoming and outgoing calls. According to this call center software review, it allows you to select a port from an existing number. A local toll-free number is available for 40 countries.

Main 3 ZenDesk call center software features

  • It’s free if only one phone number is assigned.
  • Offer alternative communication channels.
  • It works especially well in large companies.

9. Nextiva 

Nextiva offers a reliable business phone system with great prices and lots of useful features. Interestingly, Nextiva’s call center solution integrates with various business applications, AI, and automation tools. One of the main reasons for choosing the Nextiva Call Center solution is that it provides a single, simple interface for many tasks.

In addition, you can set up self-service interactive voice response (IVR) to handle high call volumes, and repetitive tasks can be assigned to IVAs. Nextiva pricing is flexible and affordable. As a business cloud solution, you do not need any installation.

Main 3 Nextiva call center software Features

  • It stands out for its information options and reassignment of agents to the client.
  • With automatic call routing and interactive answering features.
  • Ideal for small businesses or small agent teams.

 10. RingCentral

RingCentral Contact Center is an ideal app for businesses looking for the best call center software. It has an intuitive interface with more than 40 useful functions. Additionally, the app seamlessly integrates with CRM solutions and is powered by AI algorithms.

Thanks to the administrative and management features available in this app, it’s easy to start surveys, record calls, and view in-depth analytics. The RingOut feature is one of the best features of this app; allows you to make calls with a single touch from any device. Plus, with the RingCentral Contact Center solution, you can route customer calls to the right agents.

Main 3 RingCentral call center software features

  • It works in the cloud, so no installation is required.
  • It is compatible with smart devices and PCs.
  • Allows you to make calls just by touching the screen.


These are the best call center software solutions for businesses of all sizes. They are cloud-based and support integration with other business solutions. A contact center solution is a good investment for a company that wants to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

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