Apple admits iPhone 14 Pro camera flaws… Screen shake and sensor vibration?

A camera flaw has been found in Apple’s recently released iPhone 14 Pro model. Apple recognized this and said it would rectify it soon.

iPhone 14 Pro camera flaws

According to foreign media such as Bloomberg and CNBC on the 19th (local time), Apple said that the rear camera is shaking or making noise when using a third-party app on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max due to a software bug. He said he plans to solve this.

Apple upgraded the main rear cameras of the two iPhone 14 series pro models to 48 megapixels, clearly distinguishing them from the basic model that followed the hardware of the previous work. However, this controversy has raised consumer resentment.

After the official launch of the iPhone 14 series last week, there have been many cases in online communities and SNS such as Reddit that the camera malfunctions when using the camera in social media applications (apps) such as Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat among pro model users. did. They claim that the camera screen shakes and makes a mechanical sound when using a third-party app, but it is known that this problem did not occur in the camera app that was installed by default.

In fact, IT YouTuber Luke Miani posted a video showing the symptoms on his Twitter account. In the video, the iPhone 14 Pro Max exposed the camera shaking and unable to focus when operating the camera with Snapchat, and the same noise as many users experience.

The cause of such a defect has not been clearly identified, but it is known that the industry is focusing on the possibility of a software error. Nine to Five Mac, an IT professional media, said that it seems to be related to the firmware that controls the optical image stabilization system (OIS) of the camera lens that minimizes image shake during shooting. It is said that a certain noise is generated inside the camera module due to the error, and the output image is shaken.

Although this is a problem that can be resolved through a software update, the risk of physical damage to the camera sensor cannot be ruled out if a malfunctioning camera is continuously used. Therefore, Nine to Five Mac also advised against using the camera in external apps until Apple takes action.

In fact, Apple acknowledged the flaw and promised to follow up. An Apple spokesperson said, “We have identified a bug where the camera shakes and vibrates. There will be a supplemental update next week.”

On the other hand, Apple already released iOS 16.0.1, a software update version, once on the 16th, when the first iPhone 14 series was released. This is firmware that fixes a bug that occurs when FaceTime works, and Apple recommends iPhone 14 users install the update when setting up for the first time.

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