Canon EOS M50

Canon EOS M50 24.1MP With 15-45MM is STM Lens 4K WI-FI Mirrorless Camera

Price 56000 BDT

Canon EOS M50 Specs:

Image Sensor

Type Canon CMOS Sensor
Pixels Effective pixels: Approx. 24.1 Megapixels Total pixels: Approx. 25.8 Megapixels
Aspect Ratio 3:2

Other Features

Features DIGIC 8


Af Point Continuous-Servo AF (C), Manual Focus (M), Single-servo AF (S)
Modes Modes: Aperture Priority, Manual, Program, Shutter Priority Metering Range: EV 0.0 to EV 20.0 Compensation: -3 EV to +3 EV (in 1/3 EV Steps)

Exposure Control

Metering Modes Real-time metering using the image sensor Evaluative metering (384 zones) Partial metering (6.4%) Spot metering (2.8%) Center-weighted average
ISO Sensitivity Auto, 100 to 25600 (Extended Mode:100 to 51200)


Shutter Speed 1/4000 sec. to 30 sec. Highest flash-sync shutter speed: 1/200 sec.


Color Space sRGB, Adobe RGB
Continuous Shooting Up to 10 fps at 24.2 MP for up to 10 Frames in Raw Format Up to 10 fps at 24.2 MP for up to 33 Frames in JPEG Format Up to 4 fps at 24.2 MP for up to 15 Frames in Raw Format Up to 4 fps at 24.2 MP for up to 1000 Frames in JPEG Format Up to 7.4 fps at 24.2 MP for up to 47 Frames in JPEG Format

File Type

Image Type JPEG / RAW (CR3 a Canon 14-bit RAW format)
Movie Size MP4

LCD Monitor

Type TFT color liquid-crystal monitor
Viewing Angle Approx. 170°


Storage Type SD card, SDHC card, SDXC memory card
Built-in Flash Manual pop-up flash
Red-Eye Reduction Yes
External Flash Compatibility Yes

Power Source

Batteries LP-E12

Physical Specification

Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 4.6 x 3.5 x 2.3 in. (116.3 x 88.1 x 58.7mm) CIPA compliant.
Weight (Body Only) Approx. 12.5 oz. / 354g


Lens Mount Canon EF-M
Focal Length 15 to 45mm Comparable 35mm Focal Length: 24 to 72 mm
Maximum Aperture f/3.5 to 6.3

Manufacturer Warranty

Warranty 03 Years Service Warranty (No parts warranty)
Canon EOS M50 price in Bangladesh Canon EOS M50 price in Bangladesh is BDT 56000 Taka. The Canon EOS M50 is a mirrorless framework camera with a decent electronic viewfinder, a shifting and turning touchscreen, and quick, precise double pixel AF. It is additionally the main Canon framework camera with which you can film in 4K. The Canon M50 additionally activities photography well, with a 24-megapixel sensor with which you can get 10 edges each second or 7.1 shots each second with nonstop AF.
Canon EOS M50
Canon EOS M50


The EOS M50 could be a starter model. You see that within the single setting wheel and also the materials used. The body of the M50 is essentially fabricated from high-quality plastics. that’s not a tangle for a compact camera like this one. The M50 feels durable, and also the use of plastic not solely brings down the worth, however conjointly the burden. At 351 grams, the M50 could be a camera that you just will simply have hanging from your neck all day while not being daunted by it. The M50 shares the only setting wheel with the marginally easier M100. however, wherever the M100 is just about an oblong box, the M50 has a lot of of the planning of a classic SLR, complete with the bulge within the idle wherever the electronic viewfinder is found and an edge that’s missing on the M100. The grip isn’t terribly massive, however, it will allow you to wrap your fingers around it in order that you’ll a lot of simply operate the camera with one hand. The camera is sweet and sleek. that’s natural conjointly as a result of there aren’t several operational parts on that. That doesn’t mean that the camera is sparsely equipped. It has, as an example, a mike jack. The plastic exterior includes a softer, ribbed surface on the complete right aspect, which provides a decent grip. This plastic, with an animal skin pattern, is additionally on the rear of the screen.

Screen & Viewfinder of Canon EOS M50

The viewfinder has 2.36 megapixels. A couple of years past, that was the high end; currently, it’s simply sensible. The rendering is nice, with deep, saturated colors. It shows 100% of the image, and also the magnification is sweet. Below the finder, we discover a slider for setting the unit of measurement. The 7.6 cm screen has one.04 megapixels, tilts and turns, and is touch-sensitive. as a result of it turns freely, you’ll be able to simply build selfies and vlogs. and since it’s touch-sensitive, you’ll be able to each choose the concentration and operate the menus with it. Nice. For transport, you’ll be able to additionally flip the screen backward, in order that the screen facet is protected.
Canon EOS M50
Canon EOS M50

Menu & Operation of Canon EOS M50

The camera is fantastically designed. The highest is sleek, while not management parts on the left aspect. On the proper, we discover the discharge button with a wheel around it, the beginning button for video, a operate button, and an outsized wheel for selecting the shooting mode (Av, Tv, P, M, video, etc.). On the corner is that the on/off switch. On the front is just the discharge button for the mount. On the proper could be a protect the USB association and also the mini HDMI port and a push-button for connecting the camera with a smartphone. The USB port sadly can not be wont to charge the camera, and that’s a pity since you usually have to be compelled to bring on a separate charger once traveling. On the left-hand aspect could be a cowl over the electro-acoustic transducer jack. Great! With the Canon Eos M50, you’ll be able to therefore film with the associate external electro-acoustic transducer. On the rear, we discover the standard buttons for menu, playback, and info, and a four-way controller with a group button within the middle. you can’t flip this controller. The Eos M50 therefore very solely has one wheel. as luck would have it, you’ll be able to additionally simply modify settings with the touchscreen. The touchscreen could be a pleasure to figure with. a straightforward trick on the screen suffices to alter the position of the optical device purpose, even though you’re holding the camera to your eye. you’ll be able to additionally simply operate the menus with it. Canon’s menu structure has for years been one amongst the most effective, and Canon has accessorial one or two of things on the latest generation to create the operation even less complicated. as an example, within the ‘green’ beginner’s mode, you now not have to be compelled to agitate things like aperture or shutter time, however, will like better to create the background blurrier or swindler, the image more durable or softer, or the colors hotter or cooler – all victimization icons. the results of the changes in fact straight off seem on the screen. this is often ideal for folks who change from a smartphone to a system camera. Viewing and enlarging photos you’ve got taken is just a matter of swiping your fingers over the screen.

Image Quality of Canon EOS M50

The Canon EOS M50 build in a fashionable 24-megapixel APS-C sensor. The image quality that you just are able to do with this device is high. Of course, for the most sharpness, you are doing would like lenses that get the most effective out of the device. That doesn’t mean zooms with an enormous zoom vary, that is invariably a compromise between easy use and image quality, however, attempt combining the Eos M50 with the new 28mm EF-M Macro or the 22mm flannel cake, and you directly get a decent impression of what’s doable with this device.
Canon EOS M50
Canon EOS M50

Dynamic Range of Canon EOS M50

Canon has published an entirely new generation of sensors in recent years. That started in APS-C with the EOS 80D. The dynamic direct these sensors is considerably improved, relative to the previous generation. It cannot nevertheless quite match the easiest APS-C sensors from Nikon, for instance, except for everyday use, you won’t notice the distinction. In observe, the dynamic vary is ok, and you’ll simply bridge substantial variations between lightweight and dark areas.

Noice of Canon EOS M50

Canon’s 24-megapixel device is currently familiar. In the M50, though, it’s paired with a brand new DIGIC eight-processor. You won’t see abundant of that further process power in RAW. In jpeg, the noise at higher ISOs may be a bit less, and there appears to be a small amount a lot of detail within the footage than with previous cameras. The noise may be a fraction over with some competitors, however, it’s not abundant, and therefore the distinction can hardly be visible in follow.
Canon EOS M50
Canon EOS M50

Video Quality of Canon EOS M50

There square measure two sides to photography with the Canon EOS M50. It’s Canon’s initial beginner’s camera with that you’ll be able to film in 4K. The EOS 5D Mark IV and therefore the EOS 1DX Mark II, for instance, even have that capability. The film 4K in Mpeg, which produces stunning however terribly massive files. The M50 will it otherwise. The EOS M50 films 4K in UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) in twenty-five frames per second Associate in Nursingd uses an H.264 codec for the compression. That leads to abundant smaller files, and that’s nice. That’s wherever the great news ends, though, as way as 4K is bothered. The EOS M50 doesn’t use Canon’s ace within the hole for 4K video: twin constituent AF. This optical device system ensures precise focus and sensible following, and it makes terribly easy focus pulls doable. however not in 4K. Another disadvantage of photography in 4K is that the M50 will solely know with a hefty crop, of 1.7x while not picture stabilization and a couple of of.25x with the distended picture stabilization. people who need to film a bird or a lion from a good distance are going to be pleased with that further ‘teleconverter’, except for daily use, it’s a pain. And to form it a touch additional unattractive, the standard of the 4K image isn’t pretty much as good as comparable models from the competition or Canon’s own full-frame cameras. as luck would have it, it’s terribly completely different once photography is fully HD. Then you’ll be able to use the twin constituent AF, with face recognition and following, and therefore the image quality is outstanding. raise that the good tilting Associate in Nursingd turning touchscreen with that you’ll be able to simply move the optical device purpose and therefore the ability to attach an external mike, and you’ve got the Eos M50, an excellent video camera for full-HD videos and vlogs. With the M50, you’ll be able to film terribly well… as long as you don’t need to try to do that in 4K.

Canon EOS M50 Autofocus

The Dual element AF system is one of Canon’s robust points. With this method, you get a part detection optical device on the device. It works quickly and accurately. therefore quick that the starter SLR cameras from Canon focus quicker and higher in live read with twin element AF than with the part detection system within the finder. On a system camera just like the M50, of course, you simply use twin element AF, each on the screen and within the finder. And that’s terribly nice. The system has been improved over previous models and might currently focus from prime of the image to an all-time low. solely on the way edges are there currently regarding 6 June 1944 on the left and right wherever there are not any focus points. the main target system will use Eye Detection, however solely in S-AF. as an example, trailing an eye fixed in an exceedingly portrait session isn’t however potential. Focusing on low light-weight is additionally one thing that the twin element AF system of the Greek deity M50 has no downside with.

Pros & Cons of Canon EOS M50


  • Good 24MP sensor
  • Good full HD video
  • Great autofocus, both for photography and full-HD video
  • Good connectivity via Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Send files to smartphone automatically
  • Turning and tilting touchscreen
  • Microphone jack


  • No Dual Pixel AF in 4K
  • Substantial crop in 4K
  • The quality of 4K video is not great
  • Small battery
  • Does not charge via USB
  • Only 1 setting wheel
If you are interested to watch some latest laptops which are available on the market, please check this out. Latest laptops in Bangladesh Also if you want to see the latest smartphones, please check these out!!! Smartphones Our information may not be 100% accurate. To clarify, you can visit their official site Canon 56,000 Taka Pros Good 24MP sensor Good full HD video Great autofocus, both for photography and full-HD video Good connectivity via Bluetooth and WiFi Send files to smartphone automatically Turning and tilting touchscreen Microphone jack Cons No Dual Pixel AF in 4K Substantial crop in 4K The quality of 4K video is not great Small battery Does not charge via USB Only 1 setting wheel 3 Years What you’re thinking that of the Canon EOS M50 depends on what you expect. If you’re searching for the long-awaited Canon system camera that, like several competitors, will film in 4K, you’ll most likely be unsuccessful within the M50. however, if you’re searching for a system camera to simply get smart photos and wonderful full-HD videos, then the Eos M50 is one of the simplest cameras in its value vary. because of the superb twin element AF, the turning associated tilting screen, and therefore the ability to attach an external mike, this is often even one amongst the higher and most reasonable cameras to vlog with. The Canon Eos M50 could be a terribly nice camera for photographers UN agencies are searching for a tool with interchangeable lenses with that they’ll take higher photos with constant ease like their smartphone. And because of its low weight and compact dimensions, you’ll be able to take on the Eos M50 (almost) even as simply.
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